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Something nice to share

was with some friends tonight, and one of them said she was spending the weekend with her mum who will be 83, 'and given shes had copd for ages she's doing really well', I remember her mum from years ago and she was indeed a serious smoker, of course she gave it up when her chest started playing her up. Last week I was very down and dispondent, with all your support my spirits have lifted, after hearing this tonight I'm even beginning to feel hopeful. Hope your all keeping warm. It's very cold here x x

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That is a like for hopeful medow with no time for despondent.

Much appreciated, sharing a positive outlook when many are feeling down a little hope can certainly travel well amongst those in need.

Always pays to have one eyes open to the rest of the world! Keep smiling xxx

like others im having a rough time of it at the moment ..but up and at them i say ..and at least we are fortunate enough to be around to see the snow ..have a good day everyone x

83 and not out! A great little story.

I fully agree with the positive outlook approach.

Lynne xx

i like hearing positive things and medow that is really positive. I'm feeling a bit rough at the moment as ballroom says others are too.

Lib x

If I make it too 83 then that'll be another 30 years, I'll settle for that!! ;)

So nice to read a positive story - thank you for sharing that with us! Auntymary xx

Your comment on copd victim reaching 83 made feel I should comment and philosophise a little hoping that you wd share the peace and faith that we all need. Remember copd is not the only cause,there are many others that have nothing to do with copd .Just go on doing the best you can and stop programming the future.Remember tremendous medical rechearse is ongoing and will have positive effect on your life style but will not prolong it.

At 84 with copd,on a wheel chair most of the time because of an old polio hip and knee replacements. Last year my consultant told me that I need a well planned rehab program and the lack of such facility at the required standard in Egypt, I decided to go next month to the RBH in London and I intend to make it work out. I must say that without my wife Nadia love and support I couldn't do it.

Love to all



We must all try and be positive and look out with a smile

I look after an 85 year old woman who is severe copd she still smokes and it is frightening to watch her have to use inhalers every time she gets up to use the toilet or go for a ciggie I am half her age and fear I won't get to 60.this alone should shock me into giving up but I haven't managed to yet

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