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Hi all Healthunlockders. Yes I did tie the knot

Some while ago I decided to tie the knot with my long term girlfriend.One evening ,after the honeymoon,I was assembling some guns for un upcoming hunt.My wife was standing beside me at the bench watching me.After a long period of silence she finally said''Richard ,I've been thinking,now that we are married it's time you packed in hunting,shooting and fishing

Well this upset me, and I had a horrified look on my face.The wife said''Darling what's wrong?''

There for a minute you were sounding like my ex-wife

''Ex wife!'', she screamed at me,''I didn't know you were married before!''

''I wasn't

Richard Cornish


tie the knot with your local Breathe Easy group. Details from theBritish Lung Foundation.

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:) you had me fooled for a minute there Richard !

I can't kid a kidder elian

I was tied a a certain part of your anatomy lol!

Now! Now!

Hey, the kings at it again. ;)


king - you keep us laughing during this bad weather.I am wondering if BLF could collect all this humour and put it in their A- Z section. An idea because other people have sent in Annie xxx

I don't know th answer Annie or who to ask.

Not bad, was wondering, where it was leading,especially the heading being "tyeing the knot"with Tanya marie there,ha ha!! xx

Leading you on!!

Had to read that three times before i understood it !, but it is only 7-47 am

Lib x

Try them before bedtime

You old son of a gun! Keep 'em coming your majesty. Auntymary :d

Pea shooter that's me.

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