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I made a promise...


I would like to say a heartfelt 'thankyou' to each and everyone of you who sent a message of condolence when my dad passed away.

Special thanks to Stitch for letting you all know for me and to amagran for being such a good friend and listener.

I returned to work today and it was great getting back to 'normaility' if there is such a thing. I had cards from customers/patients who I know so little about, just from coming in once a month to collect ther prescriptions. People are so kind and it is often these little gestures that get you.

I truly hope that you all keep as well and healthy as you can be and know that I will always think of you all from time to time. Coming on here was my salvation at a time when I thought things couldn't get any worse. But they did on the 30th December. But, you know what? I made a promise to my dad that when the time was right I would take on the 'medical world' and seek justice for him. There are a number of things that need changing and putting right with the ultimate focus being on patient care, starting from the very beginning.

My dads' consultant has asked me to be on a 'committee' that she is setting up to help those like dad and their families who are going through what we have been through and offer support and help wherever possible. I gladly accepted, anything I can do to help and if only a small difference is made then it will be worth it.

Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis watch out......................now I know about you I'm coming after you and I will not rest until I get justice for dad.

Take care everyone


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All good wishes to you Tanyamarie xoxox hugs zoee

you go girl, and just let me know if you need any input, am not only right behind you, am in front and holding you up too.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

in reply to amagran

you better be, ur my partner in crime lol!

More power to your elbow girl :) grab IPF's by the you-know-whats and shake 'em :)

Fantastic - it's the sort of thing I'd be keen on doing too, but at the moment life is just too busy looking after my husband. I have found the lack of awareness and difficulty getting a diagnosis so frustrating (even when doctors were told his father had IPF, and his cousin.....and I queried the COPD diagnosis as I had nursed my dad with that and his symptoms were entirely different). It all needs a bit of joined up thinking, and some proper support. Go girl! let us know if there is anything we can do to help


Good for you, I love the passion and the drive, give them what for.





you've got IPF running scared tanyamarie, I know I would be if you were after me with that determination. You'll get justice for your Dad and it'll help us too. Thank's :)

all the best for the future and good luck xxxxxxx

Yay!! Go girl!!

in reply to anniediv

for our dads xx

in reply to tanyamarie

Exactly xxx


All good wishes to you,and good luck in your future endevours,I know you will make your Dad proud!! xxxx

best wishes to you and your family and well done for continuing the fight xx

Well done and good luck with taking them on.

Lynne xx

I love your fighting spirit, wishing you all the best x x x

So brave, Best of luck, and I hope you can find a solution to your path:)

Nice promise to make and good luck but please don't forget us on here xxxx

Dear Tanya, Your letter to your Dad made me cry,and I know that he will always be proud of you,All the very best in your fight against IPF and Peace and Love in your days to come,hugs to you and Mum, Carol xxx

Good luck Tanya Marie.xx Love and prayers to you, your mum and your children. Change can never come about without people like you in the world.

Good luck to you and the committee i hope you acheive everything you want to do.


You are an inspiration - good luck with all you do. TAD xx


Fight the good fight Tanyamarie - and from the inside is a good starting position. Please let us know how it goes. Good luck. xx

im so glad there are people like you in this world , so proud and inspired by your deep feelings of passion and determination , i wish you every bit of support and fighting spirit we are all here for you if you need us , good luck , kim.


From someone who has IPF I would just like to say "thank you"! You really do seem to be a very special person and I wish you well in everything you do. If there is any way those of us with IPF can help the "fight" do let us know. XXX


that is exactly what's needed .... someone who knows, cares and can do intelligent battle. At the same time, make sure it doesn't take over too much of your own life, as the best heroes are those fully-rounded 'normal' ones . all the very best to your Dad's best legacy - you. xx

Well done

sorry about your dad, i hope your mum is ok a big shock and will take time to get over it.

so glad you are back at work

love jan x

Good luck to you Tanyamarie. Let battle commence! Let us know how it all goes. Thinking of you and your family. xxxxx

After reading this I want to send you the best of my wishes and I hope all goes well on the committee you will be on xxxxx

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