Couch to 5km in 9 weeks

Well, I have done day 2 of the NHS downloadable podcasts to improve my fitness and lung function.

I always considered myself as seriously unfit but I managed this for the second time with relative ease though as the weeks go on, it looks like it gets pretty tough.

I hope to have my treadmill delivery soon which will actually make it a bit easier.

I am seriously impatient too and I am adding to it by still running up and down the stairs - but not as much as I was before I started this program.

I guess the way I am looking at it is there really is only one person who can help my lung function and that is me. Dr's can help the symptoms but I am the only one who can actually make the difference in condition of my lungs

And really happy that after 9 days, not only do I consider myself as a non smoker but have stopped the patches and only use the spray 2 - 3 times a day


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  • Could you tell how I can find these podcasts? Thanks Katlover

  • Hi Annie,

    Sure, here is the link, just click on the download podcast

    Best of luck with it, its realistic for those of us who are really unfilt



  • Appreciated but I haven't run for years - but thanks Annie80

  • Trust in this if nothing else

    Neither have I


  • Well done Katlover. I know I feel so much better for going to the gym.

    Lynne xx

  • can I ask how much you found it possible to improve your fitness?



  • Well, its still early days, but when I first went to the gym about 2 months ago I could do about 5 minutes on the treadmill (walking, I don't run). Now I can do 30 minutes at 3.5 mph plus 15 minutes on the bike (2 miles) and 10 minutes on the rowing machine.

    So there is a definitie improvement which I could notice. However, it doesn't stop me getting breathless, but it does help me look on that as a bit of extra exercise.

    I think the thing to remember is that the gym is a controlled environment with air con, no hills (unless I use the incline function), not carrying anything etc. So that makes it different, but I was definately hoping it will help over time, and I think it is.

    Lynne xx

  • You have my complete respect Lynne, you really do and the fact you are doing all you can to give yourself the best chance can only ever be said to be a brilliant and brave thing to do

    It sounds like you have made massive strides, not just the walking but also using the bike and rowing machine.

    The consistency is part of the reason I am investing in a treadmill, there are 3 ways I can leave my house, 2 are uphill, one downhill which means uphill coming back (obviously) and everywhere here in Plymouth is on a damn hill. I think doing it in the gym also gives you accurate progress too.

    I just think you should be so proud of what you have done and you have given me encouragement that I am doing the right thing and that it is not a waste of time and energy - as you know, it is exhausting and hard work - and I am not a natural exercise freak - but would like eventually to be able to jog for a length of time



  • Hi Katelover,

    You have inspired me at 75 to look at the local gym. I too live on a hill in the Chilterns - whichever way I go I have hills. So am becoming housebound.

    I will definitely see what the gym has to offer - other than being sited on a hill!

  • Hi Emmo,

    Your comment made me so happy.

    I am still waiting for my treadmill to arrive so in the mean time, I did day 3 of the program using the lounge, dining room, kitchen and patio as my 'running' space.

    I have never run in my life but do you know what I managed today, instead of 8 x 60 second gentle jogging, I did 7 x 90 seconds jogging and then I did a full 7 mins jogging before I wound down with walking.

    And I decided a treadmill for me was the better option becasue I would spend so much time getting ready to go out to a gym, I just would not do it every day.

    You must message me to let me know how you are getting on

    At the moment, I think I may be trying to prove I dont have COPD, I do but darn it, it is not going to beat me and if that means I have to be an exercise freak AND the worst anti smoking person in the history of the planet, the I am happy to be that

    let me know how you go, I am genuinely interested

    Kindest regards to you


  • Sometimes having a plan is good and investing in equipment etc but also 'just popping out for a walk' can be a great way of starting fitness.

    Once you walk a bit then you often walk a bit further but without a grand goal. Then you find you can add a tiny run, without special clothes, just a tiny little jog for a maybe 10 seconds. Then very likely the next time you walk you will add this tiny short jog again or maybe longer.

    The essence is to keep everything low key, no big drama, no equipment, just more activity, like a child might do. The body will create its own momentum. And the mind is quite relaxed.

    Good idea?

  • The theory, absolutely a good idea

    Practically, it is not hence the treadmill


  • Love that Katlover. I don't think I will ever be able to run either at the gym or anywhere else. Having said that in the summer, I can do more unless its too hot (we are never happy, us COPDers).

    Lynne xx

  • Good for you!!

    I'm about to head to the swimming pool. I'm starting to think I'm mad!

    Marie x

  • Hi Katlover.....I also live in Plymouth so understand what you mean by hills !

    I cant get out much either apart from the copd I get a lot of backache but I need to do something to strengthen legs etc. I was thinking of a treadmill trouble is have I room for one, I only have a small flat. I do have a little cycle type thing which you can use sitting down.thats quite good, and cheap !!


  • Hi Mary,

    Treadmills are not the smallest pieces of equimpent, the one I have coming is 132cm long and 85cm wide so it does take up a bit of space

    I am no expert but the ones that do not have a motor mean you have to walk to get them to move, you are moving the belt by walking on it. do a search for manual or motorized treadmills. The other big difference is the price


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