I know I keep harpering on about the weather and blame everything on this cold weather. My lungs seem to ache this morning, I've got a loose productive cough which I get every January,(nothing nasty) my lungs ache when I cough, my back aches, sides ache in fact I'm one big ache.My ribs ache were I cracked them, my collar bone aches were I sprained it. I feel cold, my nose is cold. It's the cold weather just feel sure it is. I shall stay in the warm until that first warm Spring day. Have you noticed the nights drawing out. I really do believe in hibernation, it's a natural thing because the animals do it.

Lib x

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  • Hi Lib, I think I'm in permanent hibernation these days! You've had a terrible time lately and I do feel for you. It may be that since you cracked your ribs (which isn't that long ago), you have been holding your body differently to get ease from the pain and this is why different aches and pains are springing up all over? Maybe you need a new mattress, I dream of a big thick memory foam one. I presently sleep on the sofa but surprisingly don't have many aches and pains. Hoping you are feeling better soon! Libby

  • Thanks Libby, our mattress is relatively new M & S one, but it could be my sleeping position as I really ache and have to haul myself up sometimes and have to take a paracetomol to help.

    Lib x

  • I agree with you if your under the weather to start off with , the cold weather makes it worse , trying to get out of bed in the morning is getting worse, I want to hibernate with you all, think of me at 6am when I get up to go to work , I don't know about de icing the car I need de icing in the morning

    I hope you both feel better with your aches and pains, which also get worse when tired, we certainly end up in a viscous circle.

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