Hi All Healthunlockders I've been trucking???

I was driving my truck and feeling a little peckish I decided to stop at a roadside cafe(Greasy Spoon type)

I ordered a bacon buttie,mug of tea,and a slice of apple pie.

As I was about to tuck in,three motorcycles pulled up outside.The bikers came into the cafe and one grabbed my bacon buttie and took a bite from it,the second biker started to drink my mug of tea and the third wolfed down my apple pie.

I wasn't amused,said nothing ,paid the cashier and left.

When Iwas gone,one of the bikers said''He ain't much of a man,is he?''

''He's not much of a driver either'',the cashier replied''He just backed his truck over three motorcycles.''

Richard Cornish


Get on your bikes to your local Breathe Easy group,join ASAP. Details BLF

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  • :)

  • I like your smile

  • Thank you :) I like your funnies x

  • Nice one King :)

  • King of the road!

  • I love them!

    Lynne xx

  • True love ways !

  • My husband has to read them all know, he loves them too.

    Lynne xx

  • or even 'now'

  • thank you for my nightly laugh wish I had your talent xx

  • Sleep tight ,don't let the bed bugs bite.

  • :-)

  • Keep that smile with you

  • :) :) :) :) :) :) :) That's a five smile joke!

  • When you're smiling we all smile along with libby

  • Really nice bloke to make us laugh!!

  • You are so kind annie80,or a creep!?!

  • You choose???

  • Well I'm laughing all the way to my bed,In the knowledge that Leeds utd are into the next round of the FA cup. Who are ya Tottenham in the next round. Goodnight king and all,I hope we all have an easy breathing night. :)

  • Leeds United!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Thank you, you really made me laugh I have just joined and was feeling very low, will look for your posts in future.

  • Hi exblonde(silver or brunette?).I will try to humour you as much as possible.


  • blonde now silver,will

  • :D

  • Still smiling gillyj !

  • Very funny, wish I could remember them to tell colleagues at work. :)

  • Could you print them

  • Not sure I know how but I could just copy them down in writing.

  • Loved it. But why when I see your name do I always read it as King of the cockatiels. Sorry :-(

  • Go Ozzygirl64

    Me dont like like some of his replies

  • Which ones may I ask???????????????

  • No idea what the above reply is about, I was apologising for mis-reading your name, thought I was being polite xxxxx

  • No idea what this is about I was being polite by apologising for mis-reading someones name!

  • I was in the licenced trade,working at the Grand Hotel ,Torquay(England) as Bars Manager.Over a 25year period my forte in life was inventing and entering cocktail competitons. I was quite successful winning many local,regional and national competitons.I was awarded bartender of the year and also given the title 'King Of The Cocktails' by the press. I used to appear on TV and radio all over the country.Iam currently putting together 'My life with cocktails' in booklet form for entry to the Silver award category of the Duke of Edinburgh inspired Discovery Awards for the over fifties.

    Now you know part of me.

    Richard x

    PS I am not of the feathered variety

  • I am so sorry, hope I have not offended anyone, but I do worry now if someone thinks I am having a dig at you, which of course I am not. But I know a few people that have that problem of mis-reading stuff. I read the site as 'heatlhunblocked' instead of healthunlocked and I do it everytime I come on here. I was reading an article to hubby the other day and I read out loud, Viagra instead of Niagra as in the falls. My whole family were here and everyone was in uproar and I had no idea what I had said. In the end they told me, Fibro fog, old age, who knows eh ;-)

    But that was something nice to learn about you so thankyou and I wish you luck with the booklet xxxxx

  • No offence made and no offence taken.It is a joy to share things with you and yours.


  • You had me going there had a dumb blonde moment didn't realise it was a joke - and was thinking oh no poor man - just before I read the punch line! Ha ha keep them coming

  • Some more are on their way

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