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Singing is good for your lungs but Bad for your Ears!!

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Luckily for my neighbours I live in a detatched house so I can sing as loud and as out of tune as I like. Its a dam good work out for the lungs and certainly shifts the old jungle juice (sputum) by the cupfull. I sometimes hit a good note and begin to think of giving the X factor a go but then I realise that by the time I finish any song, I'm gasping,coughing and spluttering which may be kind of funny on the auditions but thats where it would end. The

next act would have to wear welly's as they would be knee deep in sputum Ha Ha but thats the reality of it. What would the judges have to say? Anyway my ears are suffering enough from having to put up with my voice so best not inflicked it on the nation eh. I quess what I'm trying to say is give singing a go, it give's you a bit of a laugh and does exercise your lungs at the same time. Oh yes my daughter bought me a harmonica for christmas and I'm not too bad at 'Oh when the saints go marching in' so it should'nt be too long now before they come to take me away!!!

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You would get my phone vote dall :)

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I guess thats a start but best not encourage me too much eh' where would it all end. a fate worse than death, Simon Cowells reject, shoot me now!

Proper CROONER aren't you?

Croker more like, but maybe I'll give 'Mac the Knife' a go in the morning. That should make old Elvis the posty exit the estate rather hastily and give me a laugh at the same time.

Loved it!! Good on you, by the way what a lovely photo,of you both,

keep up the singing,you will definetely get my vote,

Love Wendells xxx

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Thats my daughter, the crazy one who bought me the harmonica. She's away at Uni so she dos'nt have to suffer the noise that I make. Lucky her!! Its good exercise for my lungs and it torture's her younger brother who is at home from college mondays and wednesdays which is probably giving her a good laugh. Anyway its time for a little Mac the Knife now, have a nice day wendells.

She obivously has a good sense of humour! But smart too, seeing its helping you!! Just keep it all up,and enjoy life,

happy singing to you ! xxx

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I am very lucky to have such a supportive family. When I was seriously ill and was in hospital for 4 months my wife son and daughter came vertually everyday to visit. Of course that was before I started singing!!

A supportive family is priceless! Just dont scare them away,ha ha !

that's really fantastic. I love music (classical). Do you sing the ode to joy? A psychologist gave me this tip: choose a song that really strikes you (Bam!). Train yourself to really appreciate it, the tune, how it feel with your voice and other muscles. Remember it well.

If you have a bad patch, sing it, it will help you.

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