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why am i so breathless when i get up in the morning


after having a good nights sleep when i get out of bed in the morning i get so breathless when moving about i am on home oxygen 2ltr and suffer from COPD AFTER ABOUT AN HOUR I START TO GET A BIT BETTER has anyone else got this

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If you're like me sandymet then your breathing becomes very shallow when you sleep. When I wake it can take up to an hour before my lungs recover enough for me to breathe 'normally'. I have what's known as CO2 retention as well as the COPD and have to wear a mask each night connected to a BiPAP machine which extracts the CO2 (carbon dioxide - the bad stuff) from my lungs as well as forcing air into them to stop them collapsing).

It's not as bad as it sounds and I've become quite comfortable with it, but when I take the mask off in the morning, as I say, it takes a good while before I'm breathing properly for myself :)

I sleep fairly well but i do feel short of breath before i even attempt to get up ...i check my sats and they are 80/85 % so i take my inhaler and after a short while they go back up to 95% but always short of breath takes me ages in the morning :)

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That is me also

oh and i should add im also on home oxygen 2lt and sit for 5 mins to recharge ( so to speak ) :)

I am always very sob in a morning , I put it down to the fact that i am at the tail end of my inhalers , after taking spiriva and the other inhalers things pick up a bit . ;-)

I'm the same as zany, ok once my Spiriva kicks in.

Lynne xx

I have bronchiectasis and am always the same. Getting ready for work exhausts me - always use the lift at work in the morning. Usually better by about 9.30 when all my meds have kicked in.



I am more breathless in the evening - because I am due to take inhalers methinks. x

I think this is very common,even as an asthmatic child, evenings and mornings were always my worst time ,hence lost a lot of schooling.

Now have copd mornings/evenings still my worst period,have to take things very slowly first thing ,my wife still works and brings me a cup of tea most mornings ,sip that ,use my inhalers and take it easy ,getting out of bed and washed/dressed hardest part of my day.



I always hate mornings! I find it takes me ages to get moving and its hard work. But once I get over that I am ok. However, if I don't get moving at all I feel really tired all day.

Bev x

glad i not on my own .i very slow comeing round in the morning..takes me ages,and slow to pull round..kath xx

I always get a tight chest feeling when I wake. Think it's from shallow breathing. But taking couple of deep breaths makes it a bit better. Plus I also feel like my lungs are old or dirty lol Idk.

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