Sorry if I`ve not replied

Just want to say sorry to anyone who may have answered my questions recently and not received a thanks from me. Well I`ve had another sudden carting off to hospital. Finally got home but only if i agreed to have a carer in now that I`m on my own. So just twice a day someone comes to help me wash and dress and must say I couldn`t do that on my own yet.Also like to say how glad I am that I bought myself a nebuliser- it`s been a godsend. I have great difficulty clearing my lungs and once I`m not using medication in it the COPD nurse said to use saline a couple of times a day. Anyway Happy New Year to you all and thanks for sharing my sadness with me when I needed you Sheila xx

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  • Hi Sheila,So glad you were able to get home ok,hospitals are a bit dreary,nothing like sleeping in your own bed!!

    So glad they have care put in place for you,do hope that pans out well.

    Lets hope this year is a bit better for you,remember, you have friends here,

    Love Wendells xxx

  • Welcome bacj Sheila. x

  • Good to see you back Sheila, keep warm and take care

    Lib x

  • Hi Sheila, so sorry you've had another spate in hospital, but so glad you have a carer coming in now to help you with things. Chat here any time you want or feel up to it.

    Hugs zoee x

  • Welcome home Sheila


  • Hi Sheila, well every cloud has a silver lining (so they say, not convinced myself, am still owed quite a few silver linings for compensate for all the clouds!!), now you have your carer your life will hopefully continue to improve. Best wishes, Libby

  • Thanks Libby, They do say we`re only given as much as we can bear and that what doesn`t kill you makes you stronger. I beg to differ. What doesn`t kill you leaves you even weaker I say. But we`ve got to keep on keeping on- easier sometimes than others.I`m glad of the carer coming in twice a day to help me wash and dress. I arranged it myself though because I wasn`t prepared to languish in a hospital bed until social services got things moving. Means I`ll be paying myself but I want to be able to leave hospital when I want and just ring this firm and have them for a few days now and then. One elderly lady who already had carers had been waiting to leave hosp for two weeks just so soc services could reinstate them. Such a waste of resources. Anyway I`m looking on this week as if I`d had to pay for a holiday(which I`ll never get!) Feeling stronger every day. Regards, Sheila x

  • Hope things improve for you Sheila. Happy New Year to you too. xx

  • it is so much better to be at home you obviously went into hospital feeling very poorly, then suddenly you needed to get home, and arranged for carers.

    good luck and i am sure you will improve greatly

    love jan x

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