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Damn flu/cold bug finally got onto my lungs

Hi Everyone

About a week to ten days ago my daughter came home from work saying she thought she had a cold coming on. Within 48 hours my wife, son and myself had it as well. I didn't think much of it at first as it was simply a blinding headache and runny nose.

Anyway I noticed over the past 3 days I have been getting more breathless than usual, I put it down to the cold/flu bug.

Today I woke up and my nose was like a tap, and I have developed a cough, I am coughing up phelm, just watery clear stuff, not yellow or green. Anyway I phoned my GP who perscribed me a weeks course of amoxillin (3 x 500mg to be taken daily) for 7 days.

My last lung function test came back at 66% but I'm not to sure about that result as I was only aked to blow into the spirometer machine tube once. Normally it is 3 times, and a year ago my LFT results were 88%,(blew into tube 3 times) since then and even before then I have not smoked as I quit 6 years ago.

Although it sounds obvious that it is this cold that is making me more breathless than usual I can't help thinking that my lungs have deteriated quite badly and am getting quite worried. Please forgive my asking this but I have severe clinical depression, GAD and OCD and am in a constant state of worry.

What do you guys think



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Dont feel alone, vangelis. I am wondering if you need another lung function test and a chat with your respiratory nurse. Have you been diagnosed with any lung condition which might need further treatment. There are a lot of bugs around and we are all vulnerable.

It can be quite a depressive time of year, and if you are already feeling low, perhaps you need to have a talk with someone. The BLF can help with this. I think there is a nurse that can counsel.

All the best from Annie 80 -- hope this helps.


If you have a chest infection then its worth sending a sputum sample through your GP to the lab. Hopefully they will identify what bug it is and prescribe the correct antibiotic. The infection will only clear if you get the right treatment. There are a lot of infections around at the moment and its impossible to avoid them. I too have just recovered from a cold that my daughter kindly brought home from university and it took intravenous antibiotics and oral to shift it where my daughter who is young fit and healthy about a week with no treatment!. If you already have a weak chest then look after it and dont worry too much about pestering the GP.


I'm no expert, but once your infection is properly out of your system, you will probably improve. This might take up to 6 weeks.

As everyone says though, go and speak with your GP or nurse who can reassure and book you in for checks when any meds are out of your system.

Lynne xx



In a lung function test in Dec I had a VFC drop of 800ml, the nurse spared me the details of % reduction, it was obviously huge. I was sent for Xray for 'underlying causes' ... as you might imagine I was convinced I had cancer. X ray came back clear. I later developed a slight cold/cough which was coming on when I had the wasn't that bad tho my lungs felt 'sore'

Now retested and pretty much back to normal.

It seems a slight, let alone bad, cold has a massive effect on my lung function.

Don't worry too much, get retested when you have been cold free for a couple of weeks, Id put money on your lung function being very much improved

Bolilly x


I have just had this bug going around and it not only wiped me out so also my husband don't worry about getting worse until the virus is over. I can understand your fear as I have got depression too, it seems to go with coping with an illness. If your under a hospital or GP they can put your mind at rest.


Hi Buddygirl.

If you have depression, why not join my site/forum,

It is in it's infancy but will get a lot better soon




Hope you're feeling better soon

Love C x


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