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Hi All, people keep telling me I should get DLA

I believe it stands for Disability Living Allowance, where do I find out about this? and is there restrictions or criteria with it, I can only assume so.

Also although I am 61 I still do not qualify for a Bus Pass, but other people my age with COPD like me have got one, any help would really be appreciated

Keep Breathing


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Hello Dave :)

The following link will give you a good overview of DLA and the qualifying requirements.

I would also recommend that you give the BLF Helpline a call 03000 030 555 . The calls are charged at local rates, I believe.

The only thing I would say, if you are intending to apply, is to speak to, and involve, a benefitis advisor from the Citizens Advice Bureau when it comes to filling in the forms. They know what answers to give to enhance your chances of qualifying.

Good luck :)


Did you apply for a disabled bus pass from your county council? Details should be on their web page.


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