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What do I know

Hi all,

Been to doctors today, told her I was fed up of the coughing, she asked how long I'd been coughing, (its been since end of Aug.) she then said that maybe it was whooping cough and has prescribed me antibiotics and I've had a blood test to see if it is whooping cough. I don't know whether to laugh or cry, I asked right at the start of all this whether it could be whooping cough but what do I know.


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Sometimes we have to point our gp's in the right direction ;) lol. I'm glad you made the decision to go though Knitternan, at least you may get an accurate diagnosis out of the blood test :)


I hope so, if it's not whooping cough,I may scream, listen out for it next Monday when I get the results.


Didnt think whooping cough would last that long.

polly xx


It's called the 100 day cough polly, it's been nearly 100 days now.


Have you 'whooped', like polly I think it's a long time to have whooping cough.

Lib x


Yes. I had double pneumonia and whooping cough as a baby of 5 months old and that is what caused my bronchiectasis. Did such a lot of damage because I was so young. My sister had blood confirmed whooping cough last year and it lasted about 3 months and took about a month before it was confirmed and the right treatment given. She has asthma but has had no long term problems from it.

I had close contact with my is but my doc suggested that I would be very unlucky to get it again, however since I had an infection anyway he chose one of the drugs of choice for whooping cough clarithromycin.

How annoying for you Knitternan not being listened to and wasting all this time if it does turn out to be whooping cough. Hope it isn't and you start to feel better very soon.

Let us know what happens.

Love C xxx


Hi Knitter, the coughing sounds like what I have. Look up BOOP and talk to your doctor about it. Good luck !!!


Thanks fabfour I will.


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