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Is this only a copd forum?

I think someone referred to the site as a "copd forum" in a blog but surely it covers all lung conditions? I know a lot of people here do have what they've been told is copd, but there are lots of people with lung problems who don't have either chronic bronchitis or emphysema.

ff x

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Hi there

This forum does cover all lung conditions but a majority of members may be people affected by COPD.

If you are writing about a specific condition make sure that you tag the post with the condition name and put the condition in your post title and I'm sure you will be found by other people affected.

Hope this helps


Wow, speedy reply! Thanks for that Athar x

T%here has been discussion whether people have COPD or not. I dont think I have - brocnhiectasis. Lets face it, the site is for lungs as said above. It is a great site - use it as you want for whatever. love Annie80

Thanks Annie. I didn't read all of that discussion but sometimes it does seem more of a copd forum & occasionally someone will refer to it as such so I started to wonder. It must be just because, as Athar says, the majority of members do have a form of copd. If like me you have bronchiectasis, that's no longer considered to be copd, though it is possible to have copd as well! I haven't thank goodness and I hope you don't either - bronch by itself is enough to deal with. I am diagnosed with severe asthma and abpa, ie allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis, too - do you have that? It seems quite common for people with either difficult asthma or bronch to have abpa. Actually it seems to have died down lately so fingers crossed!

love, ff x

Iinteresting! I dont know about broncho.asper. I will have to look it up. I must admit since joining these forums, I have learned a lot. How has your mobility been affected. Do you get a lot of chest infections. For some reason, summer seems to be worse - pollen in the air. love annie x

I was ill with almost continual infections for years but since my con discovered I am colonised with pseudomonas, I've been nebulising colomycin for that, and taking azithromycin, and have been lots better. My mobility isn't really affected now & things are well under control provided I stick to my drug/physio regime. Pollen doesn't bother me but dust, cats and moulds do!

love, ff x

Thank you fairyfootsteps for enquiring - I was beginning to think we were both gatecrashing. Thank you Athar for the clarification.

Love C xxx

hehe yes, me too - good to know we're welcome, though I have to say no-one has ever made me feel less than welcome anyway!

love, ff x

My respiratory nurse tells me I'm not COPD but I still go to pulmanary re- hab classes where 99% of the people are diagnosed copd. At the end of the day my fibrosing alveolitis makes it difficult to breath and the exercise does me good. This site is very welcoming and dos,nt discriminate. Were all here to help each other and give support whatever lung condition you have. Theres no point in becoming isolated so join in and chat fairyfootsteps.

Hi again! This is the British Lung Foundation so all us with wonky lungs are welcome! What's probably confusing is that the Healthunlocked.com site directs you here under "copd" (and separately under lung disease). Although none of us would wish to be here at all! Libby x

Hi this is definitely British Lung Foundation not British COPD Foundation! I think its because the majority of us seem to have COPD which is more common. Buts its for people with any lung condition even just asthma.

Bev x

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