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Winter Weather Alerts

Good Morning Everybody

I hope everyone is managing to keep warm in this cold snap.

The Met Office have issued an Amber Alert for cold weather and snow in the East Midlands, Yorkshire and Humber, North East England and the East of England.

There is also a Yellow Alert for most of England. For further information see the link below:

At the helpline we have a very good 'Keeping Warm Letter' with advice and tips about how to keep you and your homes warm.

Please call us on 03000 030 555 and we will get this out to you.

Keep Warm


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Thank you Jo


Thanks Jo


Thanks Jo . Its nice to think there's somebody out there thats worried about us les' Miserable's.


Hi dall05

On that note - I saw Les Miserables on Saturday (i'm not a lover) and it was fantastic - highly recommended.



Think I will wait for the DVD...........don't fancy a cinema full sniffers and coughers, can do the popcorn at home!

Carole x


Just a little rant.....I have been feeling poorly for a couple of days, at first thought it to be just a cold, but then last night woke up with sore chest, coughing and wheezing, playing a merry tune, just wish I knew the words, not that I could have sung to it lol. anyway, my rant is this..... Ray(my husband) rang the doctors surgery for an appointment for me, the receptionist said none till next thursday, he said how important it was that I got my emergency pack prescription as the one I had was out of date, all they said was ring in the morning see if someone cancels. Ray then rang the C O P D nurse and told her what happened, I have a chest infection and it is important that I get on the anti biotics and steroids as soon as possible as you all know how important that is. The COPD nurse rang back, said she had got on to the surgery and ordered a prescription of antibiotics and steroids, to be picked up tomorrow. The COPD nurses are Wonderful, and I am so grateful. Rant Over... Hope you are all keeping warm. xx


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