Nothing's working

I went to nurse last Thursday, she is still not convinced I have COPD but Symbicort didn't help so she has given me Spiriva, Don't think this is helping, I have been more wheezy and coughing loads more. Going to docs tomorrow, wonder what she will say, I'm getting so fed up of the coughing, doesn't help that I also have weak bladder, Tena lady must be doing well at the moment. Trying to stay positive, hard some days.


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  • Are you coughing anything up? if so try and take a sample with you to send to the lab.Have you had antibiotics? Maybe doc will prescribe them. Stay positive and tell the doc exactly how it is. Coughing wears you down, deprives sleep and makes you feel rotten, so dont come home until you are satisfied with your answers. Good luck.


  • I am coughing up yellowy/green flem, had antibiotics before Christmas, but am allergic to quite afew especially pennicillin, don't feel unwell just coughing a lot.

  • You need to get the lung infection under control, be sure to mention the phlegm colour to the doc and as suggested take a sample with you or ask the doc for a sample pot when you are there. You need to get it treated asap.

    Good luck and take good care.

  • I have a weak bladder that doesn't do well with coughing. I was given vagifem. Look this up

  • Thanks Annie I will.

  • If you've only been using the Spiriva since last Thursday Knitternan, give it a bit longer as it takes time for the drug to build up in your system :) I remember being prescribed that and I though it was the best thing since sliced bread, especially after the first two or three weeks :)

  • Have you seen a Respiratory Consultant ? You need to have full Lung function tests done at the Pulmonary department at the hospital if there is doubt about if you have COPD or not.

    Best wishes

    Jo :-)

  • I've had a two spyrometry tests done at the doctors, the first one was not very good and I was told I may have mild COPD, then I had another test about a month later and it had improved so then the nurse wasn't sure, got appointment to see chest specialist in March so I'll just have to wait.Thanks Jo

  • When I cough or sneeze I am at the mercy of my body and have no idea what will happen. Hope you get sorted soon Knitternan.

  • Stress incontinence rules OK ;-)


  • Spiriva helped me a lot. My consultant said that some people call this 'a miracle drug). Hope you get things sorted out soon.

  • Spiriva is helping me and I hope it helps you too. I hope your trip back to the GP goes well xxxxx

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