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New to this blog, diagnosis 3 days ago

Hi, I am a female in my forties who has just been diagnosed with small cell lung cancer. I am currently playing the waiting game for a kidney function test and following that, chemo. Every day I seem to feel more discomfort in my chest, especially when I cough and feel tired with the breathlessness. I would appreciate any feedback from other in a similar situation. Thanks :0)

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Hello Mozzarella :) and welcome to the group x

I can't offer any feedback I'm afraid as I'm not in a similar position to you, but I am sending you my very best wishes for a successful outcome to your treatment.

The British Lung Foundatiion Helpline may be of assistance to you though :) so don't hesitate to give them a call tomorrow. Their number is 03000 030 555 charged at local rates, I believe.


Likewise Mozzarella, I do not have cancer but wanted to say welcome. Elian gives good adviceabout contacting the helpline. Good luck. x


Hi Mozza, like Elian can't offer much advice...different problem. Can however offer my support as can this site. Have you got plenty of support at home? Macmillan offers a listening ear, leaflets and much more for you and your family. Take good care of yourself and keep in touch. Marilyn X


Thank you for your comments, much appreciated x


I am sorry for your diagnosis unfortunately I cannot help you as I really don't know anything about your illness but I will be here for support should you want/need it

Big Hugs



My heart goes out to you, I think this community is great and will get lots of support here but have you looked at the Roy Castle lung cancer foundation who obviously are specific to your diagnosis?

They have a helpline and if it might be any help to you, the phone number is 0333 323 7200. I hope I am not speaking out of turn but I imagine you are still numb from your diagnosis, it is such a scary time and you need every bit of support you can get, not least of which to answer your questions and give you hope.

I am not trying to say that site is any better than here at the BLF but it is specific to your oh so difficult and so recent diagnosis.

I doubt you have managed to absorb your diagnosis yet but there is a wealth of support out there to help you, here included and wish you well



Hi Mozzarella

So sorry you have these health issues. I have a different condition so cannot be of help in that department. However I feel Katlover and elian have given great advice. If you move over to Roy Castle site I hope you will stay with us too and let us know how you get on.

Sending healing hugs

Love C xxx


8 years ago my best friend was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer at the age of 61. It was inoperable but after chemo- and radio-therapy the lesion disappeared and she is still going strong. There is life after cancer.


Hi Mozzarella,& a big welcome from me also,

You have such great advice there, do hope it benefits you.

Good luck, with everything,keep in touch,

Hugs Wendells xxx


I am sorry that I cannot offer any advice but I do wish you well with all your treatment xxxxx


I have had a good look at the BLF, Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation and MacMillan websites - all good sources of info & support. I completed my first chemotherapy cycle yesterday and so far I'm feeling OK. Again, thanks for all your good wishes xx


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