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Hearing the views of smokers who have a lung condition

Hi Everyone

People with lung disease invited to take part in a European-wide survey

People who smoke and who have a diagnosed lung disease are being invited to take part in a European-wide survey looking at how having a lung condition affects their desire to smoke, and how doctors and nurses talk to them about smoking.

The aim of the survey, which is being conducted by the European Lung Foundation, is to help healthcare professionals understand how they can improve the care and support they provide to smokers living with lung disease. The survey is designed to be completed anonymously, meaning no personal details are recorded and no attempts will be made to contact people who have completed the survey, unless specifically requested.

If you smoke and have a lung disease, you can take part in the survey - european-lung-foundation.or... There are 15 questions in total, and the survey should take no longer than 10 minutes. If you have any queries about the survey, you can contact the European Lung Foundation directly [].

For more information about smoking, including how it can affect you, and advice on why and how to stop, is available on this website - or contact the BLF Helpline on 03000 030 555.



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Hi Mark, done it thanks for bringing it to our attention


Done that and still trying hard to quit xxxxx


Here's Good'en ... I Stoped Smoking For 3 Weeks Felt No Better And There's A Lot Of Mis Information About With Those Who Have First Signs Of Bronchitis Asthma Bronchiectasis Like GPs Thinking Suffers Are Having Panic Attacks Or Just Stressed

But Really Blowing Into A Paper Bag ... On My Gps Advice A Thought Whats The Point Of That When A Can Get My Carbon From A Fag

But Let This Be A Msg For Future Suffers Forget The Fag And The Bag And Go See Someone Who Knows What They Are Talking About :P


as a smoker preparing to quit, and hearing how many people with COPD felt worse after quitting - see recent blog on this, I looked at some research ... and would love to hear BLF's take on this ... seems quitting young helps as gets worse for 10 years and then gets better.

This is from

In earlier studies, mortality rates due to COPD were

paradoxically elevated in ex-smokers compared with current

smokers for up to 10 yrs after smoking cessation, but

decreased thereafter. Many recent studies have not been of

sufficient size or strength to clarify this issue, and reverse

causality can also lead to underestimation of the benefits of

cessation, even in studies that have shown some benefits. The

available data show a permanently increased risk of morbidity

and mortality due to COPD in ex-smokers compared with



Most People Will Feel Worse As The Lungs Try And Start To Clean Them Self .... When You Start Smoking Your Lungs Think Whats The Point And Stop Cleaning Them Self :P

But When You Stop Your Lungs Will Start Cleaning Them Self Or Try With Production Of Extra Mucus Lung Stuff .... And In Turn If You Have Lung Problem Will Make Breathing Worse For A Tad

But Is Best To Give It Up As Less Likely To Be Breathless And Will Not Get As Many Chest Infections Ect :)


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