Hi, everyone I have just come across this ,so this is the first time for me.I have COPD and have had for about 6 years or so. I gave up smoking 8 years ago after 40 odd years, i finished up on 30-40 a day.I knew there was something wrong but didn't find out untill two years after i'd stopped just what it was. Two & a half years ago i was so bad i could do nothing at all,i was on 3 inhalers Spriva, Seretide and Ventolin I was going through the latter one every 2 weeks or so. When i finally went to see the doctor he sent me for an x-ray it showed that i had pneumonia and i was in hospital for 5 weeks. I was getting oxygen through the wall which wasn't doing any good so i was moved to Intensive Care where i spent 12 days, with a CPAP mask on for seven days and nights.Anyone who has ever had one one will know that it is not a nice experience.although without it i wouldn't be here today. I have an oxygen concentrator at home which i use at night,I also have oxygen cylinders which i use sometimes. I went to pulmonary rehab which i found very helpful i now go to the gym three days a week i find this also helps as i usually feel better when i come home than i did before i went. I am sorry this is so long but i just wanted to share it with you. If you want to hear something ironic although i am retired now, for 33 years of my working life i delivered oxygen to hospitals

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  • Hi and welcome to the site carson. There are a lot of us here with COPD. Some not so bad like me (very mild) and some at end stage. I expect your knowledge of oxygen to be very popular!

    This is a very good site with some fantastic people. Everyone here understands lung disease and you will get a lot of support. Glad you have joined us.

    Bev x

  • Hello Carson. Welcome to this lovely site where you will find lots of help and support.

    As Bev says, we are all different. I am moderate but it doesn't really affect me (except in Crewe on Wednesday, but that's a different story). I take Spiriva and rarely use my ventolin. I gave up smoking 1 year ago today and was diagnosed a couple of months after.

    Lynne xx

  • Big welcome, Carson. You wont be alone now that you have joined this friendly group. I suffer from bronch plus asthma plus wear and tear... love Annie80

  • Hello Catson and welcome

    Sounds like you had a really tough time, but everyone on here are great and we all understand how you feel. So it's great you found us.

    Kim xxx

  • Hi Carson and welcome, I have quite severe COPD. Stopped smoking 12 years ago. On oxygen all the time but amazing how I have accepted it. Get a bit depressed sometimes, not a good day today, cold and misty. wishing you all the best.

    Lib x

  • Hello carson. Welcome to the forum.

  • Hi Carson, another welcome for you xx

  • Hello and welcome Carson. x

  • Carson mate I feel for you. Ive experienced the dreaded C PAC space helmet for 2 weeks and the face mask version for a few days. It rams the high flow oxygen in at a fair rate of notts don't it!!. All the doctors would say is try and breath normally but what worked for me was you only had to breath out then open your mouth and the pressure rammed the oxygen in and opened your lungs without using any effort. Eating was fun too, mask off,food in,mask on,mask off, food in, mask on,etc. spoon fed by a nurse, I got used to cold food by the end of it. Boy was I glad to get back on nasel specks!! .Welcome to the site oxygen man.

  • The BiPap machine's not so bad once you get used to it dall :) I've been wearing one at night now since February last year and can't imagine what I would be like now without it :)

  • how old u

  • I am 65 will be 66 in March

  • Welcome Carson this site is great when you need advice or even a good laugh (it has a couple of resident comics) Only ever had oxygen once when I was in a bad way so I cannot understand what you felt (feel) but I can empathise. Keeps breathing as they say


  • Howdy Carson the mask is one of my fears but see how you have helped already by surviving it so well and going to the gym 3 days a week. Well done, I am 67 and on

    all the inhalers you mention but no oxygen as yet and like you was diagnosed six

    years ago. Thanks for your blog and well done!

  • Hello Carson :) Glad you could join us, and welcome !

  • Hi Carson welcome to the site,sure you'll soon settle in with the group and hope you are well today.

  • Hello and welcome Carson. good to have you on board. Plenty of advice and support if you need it. Hope thing are continuing to improve for you. Take care. Marilyn x

  • Hi Carson welcome from me too.

  • Hello Carson,a big welcome from me too! :)

  • Good luck with your illness Carson . I too have copd had it since I was 39yrs am 42 now with same treatment of the inhalers but I don't think that i benifit with just them . I am interested in how you got into rehab as i have heard of this but just not sure is it my gp whom the 1st port of call and if you could le r me know that w would be great Carson but i wanted to say that I admire your thrive for life going to the gym 3x a wk well done you 😃, ,,,, So even though you may have gone through a horrible experience at least you're still here to tell the story. I wish you all the best for the future,

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