6 months off for good behaviour!

Went to the hospital today to see my consultant. I had the full works, xray, spiro everything.

Well get this oxygen level 98 yes 98! everything else no change from 8 weeks ago when my medication was changed but more importantly no more deterioration and I have had no flare up in that 8 weeks I couldn't believe it and neither could he.

He said he was expecting a slow down but a stop incredible so he asked what else I had changed and I said that I had joined this forum and that I had started taking vitamin D and using a SAD lamp and of course the change in medication combined seems to be working. He then said if I was happy with it he would give me a break and I need not go back to see him for 6 months.

So guess what I agreed and turned and told him that with luck when I go to see him again I may even have started pole dancing I am not sure how he took that but heyho that's my humour LOL

Mind you I wont be disappearing from here for that 6 months so tough you are stuck with me and if I can get my mind sorted there will be no stopping me

I am happy, happy, happy



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  • Fantastic news Janet :) Well done you ! and I'm glad you'll be staying with us :)

  • Well done Janet, keep up the good work. :)

  • How uplifting for you, you must be dancing on air xxx

  • Wow well done...thats ace.

    Bev x

  • Great news Janet. Now, where is that pole.........

    Lynne xx

  • Fantastic news, well done. Keep us up to date on the pole dancing!

  • Fantastic news what ever your doing it's working so good for you.

    Kim xxx

  • If you want someone to go pole dancing with you - I'm up for it. did you find your SAD lamp of any help.

    Lib x

  • as anyone that reads my copd blog will know I am a big advocate of a vitamin D supplement to maintain health. Research has shown much illness is a result of low vitamin D levels in the body. Due to the very wet and dull summer I said to my wife I was expecting all types of winter illness to be well up on normal due to people having very low vitamin D levels. And as we know. that has turned out the case. My wife and I take a 5,000iu capsule winter and summer of D3 and even though I have very severe copd, and come across quite a few suffering the winter bugs, neither of us has been infected. Good luck to you. And great news you are keeping from getting worse. Long may that be the case:-)

  • Fantastic result, can I have a bit of what you are having.

    polly xx

  • Great news Janet. What a way to start a new year! Pole dancing is obviously good for you. x

  • wonderfull well done

  • what is a sad lamp

  • It is a lamp which imitates day light read about it you just use it for a couple of hours a day and it helps with winter blues too


  • oh thank you

  • ace high,,well done you must be happy out xxx

  • Well done Janet, keep up the good work! x

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