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Blessed relief

To all my fellow COPD's

Two weeks ago Whilst attending my respiratory clinic I spoke to a Junior Doctor and explainig how very breathless I get, and he said "have you tried a hand battery operated Fan"? I hadn't but I have tried this for about 10 days now and I find it a big relief, it dont make you recover any quicker but the cooling breeze blowing across you face is quite pleasant and diverts any panic. Difficult to buy now, wrong season, but easy to buy off ebay and they dont cost much so worth a try. Good luck

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It's good to hear you've found something that helps you Trev :)

When I'm a passenger in our car I love to have the window down and take as deep a breath as I can ....... it's a lovely feeling !


I have a hand fan I use on holiday. I will try it when I get an exacerbation


I Have been using them for years,almost daily in the summer.i always keepone in the car.



Even in the winter with the central heating on, I like a fan to turn on if necessary. A hand fan is a good idea. Annie80


I keep a fan clipped to my bedpost. Especially good when it is too cold or damp to leave the window open all night.


I have tried this and it does work. Got one upstairs and one downstairs.

lib x


i will try this fan. i get parrnoid if i have no air, my window is open every night as i like fresh air



thanks for your comments and I trust you will all get as much releif as I do.

To anyone more computer literate than me: All the comments left by other people in the top right hand corner is the word Report but when I leave a comment the top right corner says Delete Anybody know why?


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