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Update on Aussie fires!

Well to be honest,its a bit hard to do! Some places seem to be better and settling down eg.Tasmania.Others,N.S.W & Qld,have been having a lot of new ones starting.Thankfully not close to us,quite a long way away,but the smoke haze is still thick and even with the house closed & aircons on,you can still smell it.I have not been to bad through the day,but have been coughing a lot at night.We are still not over the worst, as it is tinder dry,and the temps have been getting up in the 40s,even at night it is still b.... hot!! Unfortunately there are still fires being lit by IDIOTS,for the want of another word!! I just wish the rain would come for longer than 2 mins.just teasing us!

Today is the 2nd annivesary,of our terrible floods,where so many people lost there lives & others there homes,some towns

actually dissapeared! It was a dreadful time in Qld.People are still suffering from it.Now here we are 2 years later,praying for rain,it realy is ironical!!

We spoke to a friend today that runs a station,he was in tears,they have nearly a half million acres,running cattle and sheep.

Graham said the devestation is terrible,so much has been lost,to add to it, the dingos,have been attacking the animals that are still alive.He said that they were just numb at the outset,but now the adrenaline is kicking in,and they are hard at work,clearing land, and bodies of the sheep,and cattle.(Sorry if I'm depressing anyone!)

There are so many stories,some to graphic to tell.

Rotary clubs cfa,and so many more,to numerous to mention, have been absolutely wonderful,trucking in good quality hay etc

for the animals,and supplying bedding and clothes etc.

Anyway,better get to bed,dont know about sleeping!! Tomorrow is a new day,I think that was Scarlett,in Gone with the winds saying,but very true.

Goodnight my friends,Wendells xxxx

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I appreciated reading your very moving and hard to read report, Wendells. We have seen some terrible scenes on the news, but not a first hand report. It is hard to know just how we would feel in a similar situation. The weather causes so much trouble and suffering in different ways. My sister in the US was affected by the hurricane. Flooding in this country. But nothing so scary as fire, and the effect on anyone with breathing problems. Happenings like this do unite a community for them to work together.

I pray that things will settle very soon for you all. So much damage and distress has been caused and to know that some of it at least was caused by arsonists.

It was nice of you to tell us about the fires, and I sincerely hope that they will lessen very soon, love from Annie80 xx Hope that your breathing is coping as well.


We are thinking of our Aussie friends, of course the smoke and heat effects anyone with COPD that hadn't crossed my mind. We have seen terrible scenes on the news, the wind fanning the sparks, must be so frightening.

Lib xx


Thanks for the update. My nephew and his family were in the flood area but just escaped those as their house is on a bit of a hill.

Stay safe and I hope you have clean air to breath as well as praying for all those poor people and animals.

Lynne xx


There have been some horrific scenes being shown. we forget the long term effects, once the fires are damped down we then have the acrid smell and inhaltion .

stay safe



Just awful


What a dreadful experience to have to live through, I can't begin to image the chaos, confusion and heartache involved :(

As someone else has said, stay safe Wendells, our thoughts are with you and yours.


Some of the fires start by folks that throw their but ends away too. Its a dreadful situation, you need some good ol British rain and we are in need of some good ol sunshine and warmth

Take good care Wendells.


Stay safe Wendells. x


Thanks for the comments,lovely people,hardly had any sleep last night,and tonight is going to be very hot again,the just not dropping at night unfortunately.Weather says it will be a corker of a weekend,but hopefully becoming better on Monday, so fingers crossed!!

Those poor firemen, ambos,police,etc,are doing a marvellous,but hard job.2 14 year olds,arrested earlier today,for lighting 4 fires,wish they could be horse whipped,and of course there parents on tv,protesting there rights,unbelievable........

Cheers Wendells xxx


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