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Hello from Breathing Space!

Hello from Breathing Space!

Dear BLF members and supporters,

Happy New Year to you all! I'd like to introduce myself as the new editor of Breathing Space - the British Lung Foundation's quarterly members' magazine.

We are very busy planning the next issue, which will be packed with the latest news, topical features and useful advice on lung health and general well-being.

You may have noticed that the December issue had a brand new look! We'd love to hear your thoughts and feedback on the new design, and of course on any of the articles.

We are always really keen to hear your comments and share your stories and experiences - so please keep posting!

And for BLF members looking to keep the January weather at bay with some warm winter meals, there is still a chance to win copies of Genevieve Taylor's Soup! and Stew! recipe books - just send us your favourite recipes, and we'll print the winners, and our favourite recipe, in the Spring 2013 issue.

Best wishes for the new year,


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I love the magazine, it is so informative and helpful.

Lynne xx

Hi Lynne,

That's great to hear! Hope you'll like what we've got planned for Spring...


New look is a like and has always been a good read with adverts from helpful services/things

good luck in new job Rachel :-)

I like Breathing Space and the genuine readers inputs.

Richard Cornish

Ooooh! That sounds very good!! Didn't know about that, how can I get one, do I subscribe? Please let me know what to do!!.......... Good luck with your new job!! Kate x

Hi Katie. You need to join the BLF. I can't remember the subscription amount, but its less if you are on benefits I think. You will get lots of info and the magazine as part of the deal.

Lynne xx

I've just checked Katie. It's £15 per year, but £10 if you are on any benefits.

I've only just learnt that Liz Dawn from Corrie is a member. She has COPD. Saw it on their new look website.

Lynne xx

Thank you for all your lovely comments!

Hello Katie - if you would like to join the BLF you can sign up online at

Or you can ring Bryony on 0207 078 7919 or email us at

Hope that helps!

Really enjoy the magazine both old/ new design. Could we please have more adverts for surplus concentrators. I found mine as a result of advert , it is of such benefit & I would not have been able to afford a new one

Keep up the good work

Hi Meade,

Glad you enjoy the magazine and that it has been so useful to you! Adverts like this come through all the time so do keep looking out for them.


Hi everyone,

I am working on a feature about volunteering for Breathing Space - we have lots of fantastic volunteers here at the BLF but I am interested to hear if any BLF members volunteer for any other organisations? Do you do something a bit different or quirky?

Let me know as I would love to hear more...


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