Well you all know me as the daxie nut who is totally besotted by her one love "Lottie Dog," well just to show how much she means to me, this is the luxury she likes to live in each day, and this is her last night on her new daxie patchwork duvet. Will post another later, when I have got round to uploading more some photos.

Back to referencing that blasted essay, but at least it is written now, phew!

See you duckies, Daxiemad :)

8 Replies

  • Awwwwwwwww, she looks adorable ! :)

  • Lovely. xx

  • Sweet! xxx

  • Don't be fooled by the cute looks, stubborn muppet who loves dumpster diving!

  • Whatever she finds in the dumpster must be doing her good! She looks beautiful. xx

  • Nice duvet ! would be good to wake up to that every morning - oh and nice little doggie too.

    Lib x

  • She looks really comfortable and soooo happy. Can I please share her sofa? lol



  • Lovely photo Daxi and can't wait to see more. Such a spoilt dog and why not! She is gorgeous and that is from a cat lover. xxxxxxx

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