I have not smoked for over 4 weeks

I have copd, I spent 2 weeks in hospital attached to bipartisan etc, discharged Xmas eve.

I am only taking mucodyne and sere tide and spitiva. I do feel better. I took part in the respiratory exercise programme last year and go to the follow up. I found the programme to be excellent and the support from the physics and other participants is fantastic. It is hard accepting that you have a serious disease from which you will not recover. I am trying, some days successfully and some days not, to accept what I can and what I can no longer do. Reading the comments from others is a big help, it makes me realise that I am not on my own. Thank you everybody

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Well done you! It will be 2 years on April the 1st for me. Keep it up Polly. :)

Thank you. I admire anybody who can stop smoking. It is not easy.

Woohoo Polly,you have done so well! Try and keep up with an exercise group,as that will encourage you to,to leave the smokes alone!!

We all have times when it is hard to accept what we cant do,but we must concentrate on what we CAN do!!

It is good to see other people tackling the problems we have,and how they cope,

All the best Wendells xxx

Great news Polly. Very well done. x

It helps when you get support from people who know what it is like to have copd and also the stopping smoking. Thank you, thank you, for all the positive comments. It really does help and encourage me to continue

Good news Polly63 keep it up, lots of encouragement here.

polly xx

There certainly is, thank you

Hi Polly and welldone u! hope u feel proud of yourself hun treat yourself to something nice with the money you saved, and keep up the good work xx

Ive never smoked but having spent around 6 months in hospital respiritory wards and ITU I've seen the results of it and the damage and destruction it causes too people and thier families. Giving up is the best thing you could do for you and all those who love you. Well done polly63.

Well done Polly63, keep up the good work.

Polly, you said you will not recover, but if you continue not to smoke I bet you'll be surprised at how much better you feel and that you can do more than you could whilst still smoking. My husband continued to smoke with very severe COPD. He got to the point where he was given about two weeks to live. He stopped smoking (long story, but not his decision at the time). He's still around and going to the pub every day three years later -- so it goes to show that not smoking can work miracles.

Thank you it is encouraging to know that miracles can happen

I have at long last accepted that I cannot do certain things anymore, but I still enjoy life and find it's the little things I enjoy and look forward to now, things I just use to accept and remember 'no more smoking', difficult I know.

Lib x

I know it is early days, but I am positive. I will go to pulmonary rehab next week.

Well done Polly keep it up.

Kim xxxx

I do so hope I can remain a non smoker.

Hi Polly 4 weeks is excellent and yes its really difficult but reading these replies I'm sure will help you to keep your resolve

Hi Polly

Well done

Just keep going ... it does get so much easier, you will find you spend longer and longer times when you don't even think about smoking.

I gave up two years ago and despite the COPD still feel better than I did when I smoked.

It takes a couple of months to really feel the benefits.

Stick with it .... all the best


It really helps when people know what you are going through. Thank you

Really good work on your part. Carry on with exercises and you should see that your illness takes a slower step! That should also build your confidence. Have confidence to fight the illness with good eating, good heating, enough exercise every day.

Exercise makes you feel tired and hungry. You eat, you feel satisfied. You sleep and you feel regenerated. In fact, i think a lot of low mood is often a sign of tiredness. We exert a lot to breathe properly with our illness. Exercise, IMO, is the core of our defence against the progress of our illness. Take courage.

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