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What a Great Day (thanks to zoee) ref: love nature


Thanks to Zoee!! and the love nature video she put on her blog. After watching the short video I felt inspired to do something outdoors and take in a little of the local nature, looked outside to see what was turning out to be a very nice day. Right time for action, get kitted up ready to face the elements,full oxygen cylinder on my back,mobile phone charged,cash in pocket and away to go. I left the house fully expecting to run out of steam about 100 yards down the road as I have only been out of hospital for 5 days after a lung infection, but to my amaizement my sats remained around 90 (good for me) and I was able to keep going. The air was fresh the sun was bright and the sky was a brilliant blue so I pushed on across the local golf course where because of the weather it was extremely busy. They hated me slowly huffing and puffing my way across thier line of fire on the footpaths where they have to give to walkers. I could here thier posh mutterings which only made me go a little slower taking in the bird songs all around and the beautiful scenery that the Malvern Hills have to offer. On I went untill I realised that I was in reach of my old workplace before my illness struck so even though it was at the top of a very steep hill I became determined to pay them a visit. Well after 1 and a quarter hours of walking I made it on sats varying between 80/90 and 6 litres of oxygen where they were all pleased to see me. I felt on top of the world boosted by my achievement. I cheated on the return journey, phoned my mum and she came and collected me in the car. Ive cleared my lungs of a gallon of sputum and its time to put the feet up in front of the telly. Great Day!!

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Well done you !! Congratulations on a major achievement :)

in reply to elian

Thanks elian I'm well chuffed, or maybe puffed or more likely both.

Now you've started something ! :)

Just hope I've got the breath to keep it up!

Just walk on by----.Well done dall05


Yes as Val Doonagan once sang, Walk Tall, Walk Straight, and Look the World Right in the Eye. It works for me, 2 fingers to the people who stare when you park in a blue badge area thinking is he really disabled, too the golfers who think you are walking too slow and holding up there precious little game, too the people who don't like the site of you coughing up a bit of the lovely sputum, too the disapproving looks at letting your wife carry the heavy shopping bags, too the nosey nieghbour who thinks you should be at work instead of being a burden on society and claiming the benifits you have paid for over a 30 year working life, Perhaps I should stop right here as I might just have a rant at the goverment and thier bright ideas of turning the country against the poor disabled people in our so called caring Big Society!. Wow got a little carried away there did'nt I !!!!!!

You sounded like me talking

Thats not talking, Kingofthecocktails its ranting! I'm really a nice person, honestly! but there seems to be a little rebel in me which surfaces now and again. Bye the way Elvis did'nt deliver the mail today so no news on the transplant assessment yet.

Well done Dall. That was determination and I bet you feel on top of the world.

Lynne xx


What an enlightening story,hearty congratulations!! Yes your rant only said what the majority of us think!

Zoees contribution was wonderful,thoroughly enjoyed it myself.

Love Wendells xxxx

Well done you! What an achievement and you got to see your old work mates too. You did so well that to get a lift home was a must. Pat on the back to you. xxxx


Great achievement - and the weather helped too. even so, that was a challenge to face and you did it :)

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