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I lost my job

Hi all.

Having suffered with severe emphysema now for 3 years.and experiencing excacerbations at the beginning of last year.i had to take time off of work.

They were very patient and understanding,and supported my absence until December.they called me in to discuss my return to work,but as I had recently had a flare up,I asked they be patient with me for 2/3 weeks longer,but was told it was impossible.

Therefore I was contractually dismissed on December 10th 2012...... Where do I stand as far as claiming dla goes?

Thank you

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Oh no Fantasy - really sorry to hear that. You might want to telephone BLF 03000030555 I am sure they will be able to help you.

Re DLA - it is not exclusively an out of work benefit, nor does it depend on you diagnosis. It depends on how much care you need and your mobility needs. If you think you are entitled best to get expert advice from BLF, Welfare Rights, CAB or DIAL, and bear in mind DLA is changing in April to PIP. You might also want to think about applying for ESA since HR have decided you are no longer fit to work. BLF will be able to advise you with all this stuff.

Good luck

Love C xxx


It depends if your were self employed, or an employee, assuming you were an employee and you were contractually dismissed on the grounds of ill health this will stand you in good stead for the dla claim. Talk with your doctor, get in writing the dismissal, get assessed and referred to a consultant. Speak with BLF helpline for further advice.

Good luck




Thanks for the advice.

Cofdrop.i have applied for ESA for which I was refused as I have not paid enough ni contributions.

Zoee.i was employed by a large retail company.

Unfortunately my gp is useless on matters he has no idea about.but I have a wonderful consultant.

Many thanks to both.x


Fantasy that's awful. Having recently giving up work myself I can say it is not an easy journey. I was already in receipt of DLA but it took months to sort out ESA. Threy kept telling me I did not qualify as I had some savings. What they took ages to admit was that I could claim on the basis of having paid national insurance contributions for years. Talk to the BLF than get your claim in as soon as possible and I hope it is sorted quicker than mine was. Good luck.


Oops - looks like our postings crosssed!


I can't offer any useful advice, others have done that, but I wanted to say I was sorry to hear this.



Did you put your ESA claim in before Jan 1st 2013 Fantasy? If you did try again from now. They work out your national insurance contributions based on how much you have paid over the last 2/3 tax years. Jan 1st is considered a new tax year for NI contributions. I used to work for the DWP...

As far as DLA goes it is a stand alone benefit. You can claim this if you are on benefits

or working or neither. It doesn't usually affect any other income you have coming in.

Good luck with it.

Bev x


Hi Fantsy, I am so sorry you lost your job, I too lost mine by being forsed to take early retirement and know how difficult it is to come to terms with both mentally and finacially. Do try claiming ESA based on your contributions, it is paid for a year, I was successful. Also can you change your doctor to another in the practise who can give you more support? I am so lucky to have a great GP who understands my problems and to whom I can talk. Take heart there are people who can help and the BLF helpline is fantastic. I really hope that things work out for you.

All the Best, Caz x


Hello Fantasy3,

hypercat is right, you can put a claim in for DLA whether you're working or not. Please give us a call and we can advise you further.


03000 030 555


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