Clearing out day

We have a large loft above the garage, can't get in there full to the door. We have one pile to be burnt, 1 pile for the tip, one pile for the charity shop and one pile for the auction house.

what do we do with a blanket box full of teddy bears, rang my daughter no way are we allowed to burn them or take them to the tip, I am sure they are all dead by now been in a box for 30 years, she wants us to bury them in the wood with the animals.

Been on a sentmental journey looking at old toys etc.

Lib x

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Teddy bears seem to feature on antique shows quite a lot for some reason. Some of hem are worn and limp looking. Cold they be a collectors' item. Worth investigating. Dont throw - find out. Worth looking on the web - ebay etc.

Yes Annie will check them over, probably cry! We are being very careful what goes to the charity shop and what goes to the auction house.

Lib x

There are teddy bear specialist shops, why not seek one out and get advice or ask them to recycle for you or put you in touch with someone who does recycle them. I dare say they could go in the textile recycle bins to find out phone local council.

I just want to be your loving Teddy Bear.

Richard x

Ah Libby how emotional those 'Clearing Out' days can be. When we moved here a couple of years ago I actually sneaked some of our valuables out of the boxes and bin bags before they went to the tip or shops.

You will know the very priceless ones I mean..A card from mum, home made cards with tiny hand prints on, a box with locks of hair in.

I'm sure I haven't been rumbled yet. :)

Gina x

When my sister and I sorted out my mums flat when she went into a home we kept all sentimental items such as loads of old photos and birthday cards to my mum from her mum including one when she was 18. A beautiful silk card...

Bev x

My granddaughter had a Teddy Bears Picnic last month, filled their lounge with over a hundred bears ( 5 of which were mine). I'm still waiting to get the last two of mine back, some of us just can't grow up. Awww .

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