Nebulising saline directly before sputum sample - does this effect the sample?

Every time I do a sputum sample (unless it's asked for at clinic or GP's surgery) I always nebulise a bronchodilator followed by physio, so I can get sample from various areas of the lung. I always hesitate to nebulise saline 0.9% or hypertonic 7% in case it effects the sample in a negative way.

My question is does anyone know if nebulising saline directly before effects the sample in any way?

Love C xxx

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I dont think so,nebulising helps me give more of a sample.check it out with your therapist to be sure.

Hi fishtail

Thank you for your reply sweet. When you say nebulising are you talking about b'dilator or saline or both if you don't mind mee asking. It's the salt which would be within a sample which concerns me, but as I am colonised with HI it would help to get gunk from al the nooks and crannies where they might be hiding. Not used saline for sample before for this reason.

Love C xxx

Yes it DOES affect the sample. But TELL the sample collector! They know and can account for this.

(It is great to get much more "gunk" out of the lung, but it is reflected in the sample.)

Thanks Bavarian for the info. I have used saline a long time now and agree it is sooooo helpful at getting up the gunk, however I will not use it prior to a sample.

Thanks again

Love C xxx

C I wondered about this too, Bavarian's info was useful. My mate who worked in the lab told me to give gunk samples with as little saliva in as possible as it can cause a neutral result. Can this possibly be because saliva is alkaline and infection can not thrive in an alkaline environment I ask myself.

Horrible subject but mine is thick enough to tip forward in the pot and absorb any saliva with kitchen paper... don't we feel like chucking the whole lot down the loo and flush the problems away !

su xx

Too true we do Su - if only. True we should avoid saliva in samples - it may be due to any nasties found may come from the salive and not the bugs which are in the sputum and causing the infection in the lungs. Just a thought....

Love C xxx

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