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OH DEAR! Hi Healthunlockders ,please don't laugh about my SHINGLES

Those of us who spend much time in the Doctors's should appreciate this! Doesn't it seem thar Doctor's are running their practices like assembly lines. Anyway:-

I walked into the the doctors surgery and the receptionist asked me what I had.I said ''Shingles'' So she checked my name ,address etc on the computer and told me to take a seat.

Fifteen minutes later a nurses assistant came and asked me what I had and I told her ''Shingles'.She then wrote down my hight,weight and what seemed like my complete medical history and told me to wait in the examination room.

A half an hour later a nurse came in and asked me what I had.I said ''Shingles''.The nurse then gave me a blood test,a blood pressure test,an electrocardiogram and told me to take my clothes off and wait for the doctor.

An HOUR later the doctor came in and found me waiting patiently in the nude and asked me what I had.

I said''Shingles'' the doctor asked me'' Where?''.

I told him ''Outside on the truck.Where do you want me to unload 'em??''.

Richard Cornish


why sit around waiting,join your local Breathe Easy now.Details BLF

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Very good xxx

I love your jokes.

Lynne xx

I keep them clean and keep them keen

OMG that is brilliant, where do you get them? Keep them coming though, I like a good giggle!

I will keep you giggling!

excellent...just the tonic i needed....thank you


daft bat! (as we affectionatly say up north!)

Who me??????????


Puts a shine on life

That was a beauty!! xx

Keep on smiling

That's brilliant! I wish I could tell jokes!

Share these jokes if you wish

Brilliant! keep em coming :D

Slates loose at the hospital :D

Yes, I have one or two loose slates!

that is so funny made me really laugh and I feel so much better for it thank you

That's the name of the game,keeping maggiemay happy.

Richard x

Vey funny and good morning,

Lib x

Have a happy day Libby

Just what I needed this morning Thank You

Janet :)

I am here to oblige jandan

Love it :-)

i love doing them for you jojam

You are such fun! thank you for making me laugh!! :) xxx

A good laugh does us the world of good.


wonderful sense of humour,just the tonic we puffers need.

Buckfast tonic wine????

LOL, Marilyn x

Laugh and the###############

very good i like having a good laugh, it made my husband laugh. L.O.L.

I am pleased your hubby has a sense of humour.Mind you he must have a sense of humour,after all he married you!(OUCH sorry)

you cheeky devil, as you probably know i was 70 last sunday, i have known my husband for 49yrs, but i am not growing old gracefully

love jan

I try to please not tease


Ha ha ha xx

Youv'e got to laugh.please

a smile for sure xx

Only a smilemmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Thats a cracker as les dawson would say

A right belly laugh

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