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Found this on a lung site and thought that it might help people to get their heads around the subject - it has certainly helped me.

"i have nicked this from another health site, which I totally trust, and thought it might be useful to put on here.

This is all the information we have at this stage, so any questions please ring your local DWP Office who can adise you further....

Personal Independence Payment Update

The Government has recently announced some new information regarding the

design and delivery of Personal Independence Payment (PIP) which is the

benefit replacing Disability Living Allowance (DLA) for people aged 16-64 .

Instead of carrying out a high level assessment strategy which would have

meant existing claimants being assessed from this October, they will be

undertaking a significantly slower reassessment profile. The Government hope

that this will enable them to take the time to learn from the early

introduction of PIP. The peak period of reassessments will now fall around

two years later than originally planned.

The revised delivery timetable is as follows:

8 April 2013

From 8 April 2013 new claims to PIP will be taken in the controlled start

area in the North West and part of the North East of England.

From June 2013

New claims to PIP will be taken in all remaining areas of Great Britain.

From October 2013

Reassessment for PIP of fixed period DLA awards coming up for renewal, young

people turning 16 and where DLA claimants with indefinite awards report a

change in their condition.

From October 2015

All remaining claimants in receipt of a DLA award will be invited to make a

claim for PIP. DWP will randomly select those recipients of DLA in receipt

of an indefinite award or a fixed term award and notify them about what they

need to do to claim PIP. They will prioritise recipients who have turned 65

after 8 April 2013, when PIP was first introduced.

PIP Rates

The PIP rates have now been announced. The enhanced rates of PIP will be the

same as the highest rates of DLA. The standard rate of the daily living

component will be the same as the middle rate of DLA care and standard

mobility will be the same as lower mobility in DLA.

The exact weekly rates of PIP are;

Daily Living Enhanced Rate = £79.15

Daily Living Standard Rate = £53.00

Mobility Enhanced Rate = £55.25

Mobility Standard Rate = £21.00

These rates are provisional until the legislative process is completed in

early 2013. PIP will continue to be a non-means tested, non-taxable cash

benefit which will be uprated in line with the Consumer Price Index.

For full details of the revised projections visit

Current rates are: Care: top rate £77.45; middle rate £51.85 and lower rate £20.55

Mobility: top rate £54.05; lower rate £20.25

Looks to the untrained eye that they are dropping the lower rate care and increasing others slightly."

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Thank you for that, can I ask where you got this from so I can share with fellow friends who do not use this site!


Hi Daxiemad,

As this has already been lifted from two forums (fora?) and is in the public domain, I see not reason why it cannot be shared via the cut and paste method, which is what I did. All I would suggest is that your remove my initial comment and maybe the second para, but that is up to you.


Thank you Easybreather - very interesting. Yes it does look like they are dropping the lower rate, but I would have thought the other rates would have increased in any event in April.

Thanks again.

Love Cxxx


More support for the people that need it was the promise and the reason that half a million who qualified for DLA would get nothing from PIP, expenses for MPs and bankers bonuses have to be paid for by someone though. :-(


As we do not yet know for certain the full impact of transferring from DLA to PIP, I think it might be a bit premature to make assertions like this.


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