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No yellow gunk

After sixteen months of coughing up yellow/green/brown rubbish, my consultant decided to try colistimethate (comolycin) he was not over confident as I have the Pseudomonas bug living in my lungs, and apparently it hides rather than dies when hit with antibiotics. But after two months of the nebulised anti biotic suddenly I have stopped coughing up rubbish, great I thought but woke up this morning to find a row of blisters on my chest, Shingles....You just can't win can you.

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Glad to hear it worked so well for you. I've been on it for nearly 7 years but still coughing up the gunk. Sorry about the shingles x


Oh dear, shingles is awful and can be painful so you really need to be kind to yourself. I hope you get well soon.

Lynne xx


Glad the comolycin is working for you now. You need to get treatment for the shingles asap, it can make a big difference to your experience and recovery in the same way as it does getting a lung infection treated early.


Get your shingles treated without delay!


Yes,do see about them,they can be very painful.Take care,do hope the attack is only mild,

Wendells xx


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