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Non-New Years Resolutions

I don't normally make them - they are all too easily broken - diet, gymming, swimming, to be honest they are all part of my life these days so I just have to accept them.

I have instead made a non-Resolution this year and thats to blooming well enjoy myself!

So my first treat is a day trip to Cardiff on Thursday. There's an exhibition on and it closes on Sunday and I so wanted to go and see it. I have seen the other 4 and didn't want to miss this so i bit the bullet last week and fly down on Thursday. I can't wait. I love the city, its museum and art gallery. I am even hoping to pop to Marco's on Barry Island for a cuppa. Just hoping there are no 'sniffers and coughers' on the plane!

So any of you out there have any 'non-Resolutions'?

Marie x

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Ah well, I decided to have more fun too Marie, but I called it a resolution!

Another one is not to waste precious hours of my life doing something I hate (eg ironing) if it can possibly be avoided. As Homer Simpson said "if something's hard to do then it's not worth doing" hehe.

Have a fab time in Cardiff, it'll probably be raining cos it usually is in Wales but who cares when you're doing fun things. Will Marco's be open tho?

ff x

Hi ff

Now that is a great philosphy!!

It ALWAYS rains when I go to Cardiff. Only once do I remember sunshine!

I am hoping Marco's will be open - think its open most of the year. I will be bitterly disappointed if I can't get my usual cuppa and muffin there (I'm ignoring the diet for the day!)

Marie x

Have a great time, been to Cardiff once very lovely city. My resolution or non resolution is not to faff (that's faff not f**t) if Dennis puts things away in the wrong place or I can see a cobweb, or an inch of dust on the table - who cares - I'm not going to care any more it'll be there tomorrow, and the next day and the next.

Lib x

Interesting to talk about favourite places to visit - loads in the UK - one on my list is anywhere in Norfolk. It was without any visible supermarkets - that was about 5 years ago. Wont mention unfavourite places - might offend!

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I have never been to Norfolk but its somewhere I have always wanted to visit. I love Derbyshire too and of course the my home county. Yes - lets not mention those truly awful places we have visited - then again I always think you can find something to redeem them, a nice piece of architecture or public space or museum or the likes. I always think the UK has so much to offer.

Marie x

But places do change over the years. I returned to the town that I grew up - Reading - to find it had change beyond all recognition.

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I found that with Stoke. Lived there as a student for 4 years - went back a couple of years ago and was astounded at the changes that had happened - including the demolition of my house! Still holds a place in my heart though!

Cornwall is my choice of holiday in the UK. I love it but it's a long drive for hubby now so I'm hoping to book into somewhere half way this year and break the travel time.

We also went to Norfolk for the first time last year and it is calling me back. We went for the fishing,for him not me. we hired a log cabin and it was very small and expensive but we also hired their boat for the week. I love being near water,not on it but as we could use the boat when we wanted to it worked out lovely for us both. I find the air in both places seems to suit my health and I do get a feel good factor.


The air is certainly better in some parts of the country. My daughter lives in the New Forest (lovely) but her house has a very high bank of bushes and trees so the pollen count can be high. Sadly, I seem to get chest infections when \I stay in the summer. Shropshire is another favourite place. Unfortunately, we dont go away like we used to - when you get older, home seems so cosy. But my passport is full.

Shropshire is one of mine too Annie and I am lucky as I live on it's border. Ludlow is three quarters of an hout away. One of my favourite market towns.

Lynne xx

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