Bedside manner - not!

I went with Pete to see a GP today at our practice. It was an emergency appointment apparently but Pete just had a couple of other things to discuss. The doctor was quite abrupt and said he had other patients to see! We were both dumbstruck. Pete has, over the past 4 months or so, been passing one or two tablets every now and again that have not been absorbed properly. It is most odd as they look like smarties but thicker. The GP was not concerned but made no attempt to find out what tablet it was so we asked at the chemist. The Pharmacist was most helpful and thinks it could be the acid regulating tablet and Pete may need to change it but to keep a record of how often it happens. What a nice man! and so different from the doctor! We won't be seeing that particular GP again but it is nice to know that some people show concern and are helpful. Pete takes lots of drugs and was worried it could be something very significant that was not being absorbed. Anyway we will see how it goes. I just wish doctors could spend more than 3 minutes with patients and just listen. What does anyone else think and has anyone else had a similar experience?

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  • Hi sorry to read that your doctor wasn't very helpfull sorry I shall re word that, not being what he/she should have been toward you which is loads of things including courtious.

    It really doesn't suprise me though, the Hospital diagnosed me in December 2009 and alledgely never told my GP, I was back and forward to him in 2010 2011 for other things, he sent me for a Chest xray in 2011 and thats when he said I had emphysema which was picked up in 2009 but I never knew and was never told, anyway 2012 I was sent for the breathing test fev1 of 79% very mild emphysema. I was told go away and don't worry myself over it, don't panic and come back in say about 10-15yrs time.

    After asking questions on here I re visited my GP in August this year, went through my concerns and was told I was worrying my self for no reason and I should book an appointment for the surgery nusrse regarding flu jags.

    Does it suprise me we have un caring un human sympathetic doctors, I know they are not all bad but however it's lke a bus never really there when you need one.

    I have learnt so much from this site and the wonderfull people on it so I must say a big thank you to all.


  • I can remember your concerns last year David. I'm afraid good healthcare is patchy to say the least.

    Sassy, my GP also does a one appointment for one issue/concern. So maybe take sylb's suggestion. Although there was no need for your GP to be so rude about it.

    Lynne xx

  • I see my doc quite regularly, I go to get bloods checked or get results. The appointments are 10 mins long (that is a single appointment) If I have anything else to discuss I always book a double appointment giving me 20 mins to discuss.

    Have to agree the pharmacists are very helpful when it comes to medications.

    Its good to know you can access an alternative GP.

    Hope your next experience is a better one and don't forget to book the double appointment if you have more than one thing to discuss.

    Good wishes Zoee

  • Thanks for all the great comments. Usually we manage to see our regular doctor but in an emergency (which it wasn't really and I didn't say it was when booking appointment) you just take whoever is available. This particular GP is not very popular and nobody ever wants to see him so he always has appointments free. We spent 3 minutes in total and managed to just ask what we had to. I will enquire about longer appointments though so thanks for that advice. Best wishes everyone. xxxx

  • Sorry about your experience with your GP but sadly this is how it is nowadays especially if you have more than one illness. I have come across similar to the stories above, only one thing at a time please, only ten minutes max for appointment, can't manage this on Monday morning come back later in the week, other patients are iller than you, I could go on, suffice to say your not alone, maybe the next appointment will be less frictuos. I was advised to book a fortnight in advance and see the same doctor, does not work if you need an urgent appointment. About your personal problem if you were concerned about prescribed drugs you can ask for a telephone appointment at some GPS to discuss it. Hope this is of help every best wish

  • That was very unfortunate, we have 10 mins. Been to Doctors today to see if I have a chest infection but OK, mentioned collar bone that I banged and is bruised and lumpy, he was happy to discuss both, some will some won't, but the ones who won't are always on time for the next app. the ones who will are always late with their next appointments so I can understand their reasoning, but no need to be offensive.

    Lib x

  • Whats with this 3 minutes thing?. I must be very fortunate, at my GP practice they all seem to be very happy to spend whatever time is needed to understand and diagnose your problem. surely there is a way of reporting this particular GP for his very poor attitude to your concern's. He probably needs reminding that we the tax payer pay his wages and his job should include a natural caring, if he's lost that then he should not be doing the job.

  • So sorry you had a bad experience with your doc so many are a waste of space. I hope you find one in the practice who is better. I must be so lucky with our practice after last week I had a call from my GP today asking if I was now OK, the difference between her and the twit at the hospital unbelievable.

  • My GPs practice will only deal with one problem at a time in a single appointment.

    One Dr I saw in August when I had a severe chest infection was listening to my chest with his stethoscope and asked me if I could try to breath without making a noise. I was speechless..

  • Yeah same at my gp's but my favourite doctor doesn't mind if I bring up a couple of extra things but I try to stay inside the time limit. If I have depression issues I will always wait to see her (not easy as she is very popular). After 16 years with the same practice I have got it down to a fine art now. If Its a woman's thing there are several nice women doctors. If I just need antibiotics then I will see anyone except 1 dr. called Tucker. Those who don't like him replace the T with another letter....

    As middle aged woman I try and avoid male doctors over 40. Too often I have been treated as a neurotic menopausal woman seeking attention. One even folded his arms and asked patronisingly how I knew I was allergic to penicillan! Then gave me a prescription for amoxocillan! Doh....

    Bev x

  • Oh Bev I do so sympathise with you! Pete was once asked by a locum GP how he knew he had sarcoidosis! You just can't make it up can you! We like to see our usual doctor when possible but it just was not possible yesterday as she wasn't on. Pete will make sure he doesn't see this particular doctor again and we will just stick to the one or two who seem to know what they are doing. Most are great but this one doctor is awful. You take care and stay as well as you can. xxxx

  • I have used the local pharmacists a few times for info and advice, never see the same person twice, tho they all are great, so helpful. Most recently I discussed my Phyllocontin dosage with them, after I had been taking it for 3 years without ever having any blood levels done for Theophylline. The blood result from GP came back at sub therapeutic, so chose to discuss with pharmacist who was wonderfully supportive and helpful. I have stuck with current dose through the winter and will try to discuss dose with GP when the weather is better.

  • it puzzles me why GP/s are so overworked there has been massive cut backs for hospitals , ambulances etc but not GP/s most practices have several docs unlike years ago when there was a fraction of GP/s who knew you and all the family and used to do far more home visits . It does not make sence to me at all.

  • It makes me think how lucky I am living where I do, Brilliant GP, terrific hospital, and a great ambulance service. Even the food in the hospital is good. Home visits no problem, I live in an area where there are a lot of retired people and a very busy practice. I am baffled why one practice can cope so well and others do not, management must have something to do with this. If you ask anyone to do two days work in a morning they are going to be very grumpy.

    Sorry to hear that others are not so lucky.

  • Well with one GP it is on the notice board that he could run up to one hour late with a patient, so with him you know he willlisten and take on board what you are saying. But with the other one you are only allowed to cover one thing and that is it. So I know how you felt. I have often gone and had a word with the pharmacist instead, sometimes finding it easier too xxxxx

  • Thanks for all the great comments and it is good to hear everyone's opinions and thoughts. At the moment we have Pete's mum to deal with as she has dementia. That all started a year ago and it now seems as if we have gone back to square one as things are getting worse. Stay well everyone. xxxx

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