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back in the studio today after a lovely Christmas holiday. Not much to do other than tidy up :( but will be writing schemes of work and session plans after enrolment evening on Wednesday.

Today is my middle son's 15th birthday, poor lad often has had to return to school on his special day. We had a nice weekend celebrating with him, Chinese meal, cinema and lunch at Grans. After school we will be going to our fav garden centre for afternoon tea.

I've been ok over the last few weeks, no infections (whoop!) and breathing ok, still very tired tho which was anoying at times...just had to pace myself.

Mum had good news last week, (she has secondary breast cancer in her lung fluid) she's still in remission and her scan shows improvement...they dont want to see her for 6 months!!

My New Year resolution is to "be brave"...not always easy is it?? but I'm going to try!

have a great day everyone and breathe easy!

Much love,

Mrs S xx

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Hey Mrs S, nice to have you back, you always make me feel positive. :)


Happy new year Mrs S!

Hope its a good one for you

Marie x


You seem to have started as you mean to go on.Keep it up through2013 and beyond



Happy New Year,you have skipped off, to a good start.Marvellous news about your Mum.Hope your son had a great birthday!

Love Wendells xxx


Hello Mrs. S. Lovely to see you back.

So glad to hear about your mother, what great news. We too have been illness free (fingers crossed) but I am working again from Wednesday and sharing germs on trains :(

Happy birthday to your middle son.

Lynne xx


I start back Wednesday train, but school...germs galore!


Good to hear your news, Mrs Shimmy and a Happy New Year x


Happy New Year Mrs Shimmy, sounds like you have had a great christmas break and have enjoyed some good times celebrating your son's birthday. Great news about your Mum's cancer being in remission and she doesn't need to be seen for 6 months. May you have much good news throughout 2013. Take extra precautions when you go back to school on Wednesday. All good wishes zoee


I'm going to try and be brave too for my New Years resolution. Happy New Year Mrs Shimmy.

Lib x


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