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I am back

Well I would like to think someone missed me. Hope you all had a good christmas and New Year.

We have just had one of our busiest times at work. I work 4 days a week for health reasons and sometimes struggle with that. When we are busy we are expected to do the hours so in 14 days I had 2 days off. and some days started at 7am forgot 5am existed. It was all I could do to keep going and some nights straight to bed after tea.

When we are busy we also take on extra staff and about 80 joined us, but these were not long left school and they did not know how to look after them selves and clean up after themselves. By the time christmas came we were all shattered and fed up of listening to people being ill. I was one of the lucky ones because of the job and skill set I have I did not move seats but others could sit in ours , every day we would sanitise the desks down keyboards and screens down. I cannot remember a time when it has been so bad.

But now we are back to normal hours for the next 3 weeks then we do it all again

Trying to fight health and then extra hours and then fitting family in

was fun to say the least

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You have had a busy time! I bet you are exhausted after that.

Do you get a bit more time off now?

Lynne x


OMG I am exhausted reading about it!! Do hope you get time to look after yourself!

Wendells xxx


Hi Jackie I have looked out for a post from you and should have mentioned that I do come on here every so often and the people are very friendly and informative.

I hope you are managing to slow things down now and your health begins to pick up.

Gina x x x

I should share with other posters that Jackie and myself 'met' on another forum and then in 'real life' and have become friends with each other and our hubands have too become friends. I'm sure we will be meeting up again sometime this year and I look forward to that. :)


You have been so busy, no wonder bed after tea. I am surprised you never fell asleep in your food lol xxxxx


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