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disability working laws, I receive DLA and have a job working 18 hours a week

The company I work for do not seem to recognise disability in the workplace.. When I am off sick they still want to discipline me even thouigh my illness is a disability. The union says my illness should be treated seperately as it is a disability but the company wont recognise this. Would you please be able to help me or let me know who I can get in touch with, Thank you

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Ring the BLF tomorrow I am sure they will be able to help. 03000 030 555

polly xx


Maybe you could arrange a meeting with the company rep and take a union rep with you, this is what you pay the union for, good luck and don't stress too much! these days along with everything else you have to fight for your rights! x


Your union representative should be involved in this, not just advising. Does your company have an Occupational Health department? If so they may also be of help. Fight them.


Ring ACAS 08457474747 who should be able to advise about the DDA. Your employer may be acting illegally. You can also look at > work


Yoor employer is required by law to make reasonable adustments for you. The problems may arise if their idea of 'reasonable' and yours, do not match up.

For example, they may allow you to have an extra 5 days sickness per year in recognition of your condition, but no employer will allow unlimited sick absence.

As everyone says, you need to check out your rights and what the law says.

Lynne xx



I rang ACAS when my boss didn't think he had to pay me sickness benefit when I was off three months with Pnuemonia, and again when he tried to tell me because I had been off three months I wasn't entilted to my holiday. Of course it's nonsense the fact that it's Statutory means it's the law.

Kim xxx


There is nothing I can add to this, sorry, am useless with anything involving work issues xxxxx


Thank you everybody for your kind replies. I have now taken legal advice and am so surprised at how much there is out there. I wont give up easily and will keep on fighting after all the government encourages disabled people to carry on working and this is what I want to do. All I want is for the company to stop disciplining me for having a disability and for the disability illness to be mitigating, I will let you all know the outcome, Girl power xx


Good on you juniebird. My employers did make some reasonable adjustments for me. I got 8 days extra leave and extra breaks if I needed them.

But, in the end, I was sacked for illness. They can do that. Its not against the law unfortunately.

Let us know how you get on.

Bev x


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