I forgot to tell all you Healthunlockders about my night out

I took the wife to a disco

There's a guy on the dance floor giving it his all-JIVING,BOPING ,TWISTING,ROCKING the works

The wife turned to me and says ''See that guy? 50years ago he proposed to me and I turned him down''.

''Looks like he's still celebrating !!!!'' I said

Richard Cornish


Celebrate at your local Breathe Easy Group.Details BLF

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Sounds like something my ex would have said to me! Funny, thanks!

Made me giggle


That gave me a chuckle :)

Good way to start my day (am here in oz ) xx

Keep them coming ! :)

Ohh, I would've given you a slap... He he...

I will be out of hospital soon,the slap wasn't too hard


Mr Devonish - Do you make these funnies up ?

Lib x

I improvise

Mr Cornish from Devon originally

now i will tell you what happened on my birthday, my eldest son has a daughter aged 9, out of the blue she said to her parents, jenny showed me her vagina today, hugh and angie thought they would have to be careful, it turned out jenny showed my grandaughter her tummy button, so i do hope you will have a laugh as we all did

Kids can be so funny when meaning well


my grandauters parent coulnt believe there ears, but kids can be very funny

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