You've gotta laugh!

Met a mate in the Pub, Said his wife went out Boxing Day to get some Milk, and he hasn't seen her since.

"Blimey" I said, " How you coping "

"no bother, I've got some of that powdered stuff.


Took the wife out some where new for afternoon Tea & Biscuits.

She was delighted. She'd never given Blood before!


A Skydiver jumps out of a plane at 30,000 ft and plumets to earth. At 10,000ft he pulls the cord to open his parchute and nothing happens, He tries again, Still the parachute won't open. At 5,000ft he looks down and see's a guy comming up towards him.

" Hey mate" he shouts "What do you know about parachutes"

"Sod all" came the reply, "What do you know about Gas Fires?"

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:) Thanks for those dantredan..... especially the last one !

WE need a "like" button on here or a "ha ha ha" button!

Thanks dantredan. You really have to laugh.

As carol-anne says we could do with a button of sorts hope a quick Ta Muchly will do.

Keep the giggles coming

:D :D :D :o

Keep the smiles coming! Believe we are getting a like button, in the next few weeks,so that will be great

Cheers Wendells x

I didn't see you at the camouflage club last night

caller HELLO is that the local swimming baths

answer Depends where you re calling from.


Just what we all needed some giggles to start the new year

Thanks for making me laugh.I feel better now

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