For any of my health friends,that may need cheering up!!

Marijuana for all!

'Hallo is that the police?'

Yes, how can I help you"? I

I am calling about my neighbour Billy Smith,he has marijuana hidden in his wood pile

"Thankyou for your call sir,we will look into it'

The next day the police descend on Billys house.They search the shed where the firewood is kept,using axes they burst open every piece of firewood,but find no marijuana,swearing at Billy they leave.

The phone rings at Billys house,"hey Billy Bob,did the police come?

"did they chop your firewood?


Merry xmas buddy !!

(hope that raised a smile!)

9 Replies

  • Made me smile love it

    polly xx

  • Split my sides

  • Put a smile on my face. Good one x x

  • Nice one :)

  • :) x

  • Brilliant!!! x

  • Ta Muchly. A much needed laugh here.

    Gina x

  • cheered me up!!! thankyou Wendells! :) xxx

  • 8-) :D

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