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I have cronic COPD, I used to smoke until I spent 3 months in hospital when I was diagnosed. The staff were great they offerd patches etc whilst i was an in patient, and told me could have lots of help with staying off ciggies when I go home. I am not a martyr but I refused patches and just STOPPED. I have days when I want a fag, dont get me wrong, but I have a little mantra I say to myself when I want to smoke .... "I wont to live MORE than I wont to smoke" . Its been 5 years now and the number of times I need to say my mantra is almost never now. Good luck with stopping the FAGS

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  • well done with your no smoking...i was the same spent time in ITU then on the ward was offered as you were but i declined and havnt smoked since..... even if i wanted 1 my son is so protective i would have to get past him 1st lol ( not a chance )

  • My hubby is the same, sometimes I feel suffocation from his constant protection, but I guess he means well ... if only he would give up the fags, he has to go outside to smoke though

  • I was told I had angina about 2 years ago so I had one rollup and gave up and never smoked since. I had cravings for about 3 months then didn't get them anymore, thank goodness.

  • roll ups are bad though, good job you gave those up

  • I think you met my friend called WILL POWER.Well done


  • Well done. I'm so glad I gave up when I did although it was only after I stopped that I developed breathing problems and was diagnosed with moderate COPD. I rarely think of them now.

    Lynne xx

  • The same as me. A couple of months after giving up I started to have breathing problems and then diagnosed with COPD.

  • I am getting there bit by bit, a couple of puffs say every other day, but tasting nastier each time xxxxx

  • lifes a bitch if u want a fag have 1

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