I have recently been diagnosed with COPD

I have found recently that at night i find it hard to breath through my nose, if i sit upright it all returns to normal and i was wondering about getting an oxygen concentrator.

Any help would be grateful

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  • Try sleeping with an extra pillow first, it might help.

  • Thank you

  • Raise the back of the bed? Sleep well?!

  • Thank you

  • My husband is on oxygen, i.e. a canula in his nose, he has told the physio and oxygen assessors that his nose is blocked and would prefer a mask but they tell him he will be getting enough oxygen through his nose. When he is walking upstairs or anywhere else for that matter, he is breathing through his nose but feels as though he is not getting enough air into his lungs so breathes through his mouth. therefore, not getting the oxygen he should be getting.

    He sleeps with 6 pillows and when he does breathe in through his nose, his nostrils draw in and cuts off any air so he has again to revert to mouth breathing in and out. We are seeing the physio in 2 weeks time and demanding a mask for his cylinders, or if they won't let him have any, we are asking to be referred to the Ear Nose and Throat specialist, and if they refuse then we are going private. He knows he can't breathe through his nose, he told them in hospital he couldn't but they would give him nasal canulas and not the masks, and they wonder why his sats were low when on oxygen. It is ridiculous.

  • Thank you for your help I have asked my GP to phone me on Monday when he returns from his holiday, he has mentioned before about being put on Oxygen so will wait on his call.

  • Hi Tommy, not a good idea to get your own oxygen concentrator unless it is prescribed for you. Oxygen helps our organs to survive if we are not taking in enough when we breath. It does not help with breathlessness. I would also suggest raising the head of your bed, trying another pillow and if that does not work, seeing your GP. You may need to be tested for sleep apnoea, a condition which can stop you breathing properly when you fall asleep.

  • Hi Tommy

    I wouldn't advise getting an oxygen concentrator firstly because it may not be helpful, In the first instance I would say is your nose blocked ? you can test this by covering each nostril individually and sniffing up, secondly if you say its positional talk to your GP regarding whether you have any of the obstructive problems (see our OSA pages on the website)

    Lastly oxygen should never be used without an oxygen assessment.

    Hope this helps, if you have any further problems you wish to clarify I am available on the helpline number 03000 030 555



  • Thank you for your help I have asked my GP to phone me on Monday when he returns from his holiday, he has mentioned before about being put on Oxygen so will wait on his call.

    Iam on so many drugs owing to a stroke in 1953 when i was seven and now rely on a electric chair to get around outside but get so breathless just walking 10ft to my bedroom.

  • Your Gp will have to send you for an oxygen assessment to the hospital for piped in home oxygen. But our Communtiy matron requested a physio to come to the house and she organised cylinder oxygen for him, as they can do this nowadays.

    The only problem is he needs a face mask so like I said earlier we are asking for one when we go to the hospital next week.

  • Good luck i pray all goes well

  • I use a foam wedge in the bed to keep me more upright when I sleep. Did take me a little time to get used to it - I kept rolling off in my sleep! But now wouldn't be without it. Mine came from Amazon.

  • Thank you i will have a look on Amazon

  • I use a Nasonex and also have the top of the bed raised, if it is really bad I add a pillow xxxxx

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