You were all so kind and gave me support when I asked for help to stop smoking. So....just before midnight I smoked my last cigarett. Made my mind up that once the batch bought for the christmas/new year was gone I would not buy anymore. I emptied my bank account and purse so I cannot buy any. Told my best fiend and my neighbour and now I am telling you all so that I must stop or I will really look a twit!!

I have been taking Mucodyne for two weeks and that is really helping to clear the gunk and that is helping the inhalers to work more efficiently. That has lifted my spirits, and my Daughter has gone 4 weeks now without a cigarett so that's an incentive to me. I have one goal now and that is to get Lily, my rescue cat, to sit on my lap. She will not allow me to touch her, thats six months now, but she has come closer and closer to me in that time. But only comes to the left of me, light bulb went on so I put me left hand towards her and she leant forward and sniffed. All ok so presented my right hand and she went backwards and moved away. Lily doesn't like the smell of fags!! Job done! Only thing is...the man from the Council is coming tomorrow to tell me that I have to put the secondary glazing back in, which will close down my fresh air and he wants proof that I have something wrong with me........what do you think his chances are of leaving here in one peice? I will misquote an old joke....I'm out of eostroegen and iv'e got a gun!! Happy New Year Guys and Gals.


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  • What fantastic news Jane - the last cigarette not the council man! I am sending you 4 buckets of willpower to help you along your way. If you can't do it for you do it for the cat. ;) xx

  • You really mean it well done I know its not easy. My thoughts will be with you to keep on the straight and narrow.

    Happy New Year to you too.

  • Good luck Jane! Last time we talked about cats, I should have asked you if you'd heard about some products called Feliway, I've not tried them (not needed to) but from what I've read they can make a huge difference to nervous cats

    feliway.co.uk/. Might be worth a look.

    Some reviews here also


    you can buy some with the money you save from the ciggies! But don't blame me if your kitties won't leave you alone afterwards. Mine drives me scatty sometimes, especially as her favourite place is to sit on the keyboard, or on my knee with her front paws on the keyboard and has she has the double paws on each front leg, they obliterate most of the keyboard!

    Keep up the giving up and don't worry if you slip, just try and try again. During the first couple of weeks I lit about six cigs and put them out almost immediately, they just didn't taste right after a couple of days. All the best, Libby x

  • Are you getting any help with giving up? patches,lozenges,chewing gum or inhalators. I finally gave up 9 months ago after numerous attempts and used all of the above aids. In the past when I gave up I kept a few cigarettes in the house and as always was tempted back one cig at a time. You are so right not having any cigs in the house and the craving will go away if you stay strong Good luck it is so worth it xx

  • Congratulations on deciding to stop using the dreaded weed.

    Find out where your local NHS quit smoking clinic is and go see them ASAP.

    Lots of products available to help you quit, patches, lozenges, sprays etc that will help ease the cravings with drawl cravings.

    I (and a lot of other people) could not have stopped without their help.

    And if you have one or two relapses don't let it worry you.

    Good luck


  • Well done. I have not smoked since 11dec, when I was rushed into hospital with respiratory failure. I have copd. I came out Xmas eve. I am very weak, the hospital saved my life. I am using an inhalator and having the odd puff on an e ciggy. I have moments when I want a ciggy. I have spent hundreds of pounds in the past on all sorts,hypnosis etc. I admire anyone who has given up and I do so wish that I will succeed. From polly

  • Hi,Idecided to give up smoking 20years ago,one friday afternoon i rolled ny last bit of baccy into a ciggy,and puffed away at it.said to myself thats the end of it.Well went through Saturday,OK, Sunday was ok to, had shower about 10.15 b4 going to bed,did not feel too good while showering,pain in chest which got worse,went into bedroom to tell my wife how i felt,and had heart attack.Ambulance arrived whisked me off to local Hospital where they worked on me for a few hours..... glad to say that they did great job on me.I told my doc that i had stopped smoking,what he said to me frightened the life out of me. now 20 years on still a NON SMOKER,CONTRACTED COPD.AM IN THE FINAL STAGES ,OXYGEN 24/7,i am 81 years of age so i have had a good innings.I DO HOPE YOU CAN PACK IT IN,U WILL FEEL BETTER I AM SURE.

    Take care


  • Well done Jane (and Polly). It's the single biggest thing you can do to improve your health. It took me several attempts but I finally did it through the cessation clinic at my doctors and Champix. For me, an absolute wonder drug although I know it doesn't suit everyone.

    I will have been smoke free for a year in another 7 days and I shall make sure you all know about it on the day :D

    Lynne xx

  • well done you - it really is the only way forward and believe me in a few months time you will feel wonderful. Keep coming on here for support and keep strong for you and Lily!!!

  • Well done Jane i am pleased for you i stopped three years ago and do not regret it one bit apart from i should never had started. please keep us informed how you are doing and i hope and pray you succede good luck and have a great 2013.


  • Good for you Jane - keep it up.

    Lib x

  • well done ..and it wont be easy for a while.but keep at it...x

  • Well , I thank you all again for your overwhelming support. I went to bed with my mind made up and there has been no change this morning, well there has been a big change really. By this time I would have smoked 4 or 5 cigs. But none in the house and at the moment no wish for one. I won't bore you with a daily diary but thanks so much, I feel you on my shoulder and should I be tempted I will touch my left shoulder and think of all this goodwill.


  • If a daily diary helps, then do it. Lizzie did and I think it helped her over that initial problem period.

    Lynne xx

  • Well done, Jane -- but DO go for any help that you can get: patches did the trick for me and any help you can get is worth its weight in gold. I stopped years ago after a dose of pneumonia but whenever I crave for a fag (and I do), I try to run upstairs. That's an instant cure :)



  • Congratulations Hajoed , and something similar to Catnip's comment, even now I do get the odd urge to have a puff, BUT when that happens , I remember a pal, who also has COPD, he always says -" Go on then , RUN TO THE FAG SHOP IF YOUR REALLY THAT DESPERATE " of course I can't, - and like Catnip -" INSTANT CURE " !, AND a gentle reminder as to WHY I CAN'T !! ...its called a "Circular Experience.".....!

  • Good one Vittorio!

  • well done its the best thing you could have done just fix in your mind that it only doe's you harm and the cost of making yourself ill is horrendous.

  • Well that says it all Bob.The price of cigs. is terrible.All to make yourself ill!! Good luck Jane,and to your daughter,thats great, if you can help each other over the rough patches.I'm sure you will win the battle, and smell the roses again!! Do get help with it, if you need it.I do think keeping a diary is a good idea.

    Let us know from time to time,how you are going with it,

    Cheers Wendells xx

  • positive positive positive Hajoed. me similar to Polly63 .I

    have respiratory failure (only been ill sine Aug/Sept.. but the 1st time i went to the doctors for Help and was prescribed a inhaler amongst other meds I thought that's it!!( I have always said in my 45 years of smoking i would never get to the stage where i had my cig pkt and inhaler on top like you see lots lol). so i bought e-cigs (been down the nic replacement too many times and failed! i have given the starter pack away and have not even thought about a cig since about nov. I know some people don't agree with them but they help me and i wasn't feeding old nic!!! when it go down to some days i haven't even had a puff off my e - cig i thought heigh ho done it.

    good luck polly with your e-cig. good luck Hayoed you know you are both worth more than a white coughing sick to clear your lungs!!!!! life is for living xxxxxx

  • and your support still keeps coming, it's very humbling. To address the aids recommended, patches are a no no for me as I have proriasis and they cause blisters on my skin. I am going to try to stick out on will power for now with two rewards in mind. Lily, of course, and if I can get some nicotine tabs on monday, pension day, as a back up then in May I will buy the biggest bottle of Chanel I can afford. Champex did not work for me and as I have tried to stop several times only the e-cig or nicotine free herbal cigs are left. I have attended stop smoking groups and on an individual basis but it did not work for me, along with 3 lots of hypnosis and even acupuncture. Your information and support has more value for me,and I do think my mind is in a better place now. So...if you don't mind I'm going to stick with you.


    ps. If I do fall off the wagon I am not going to beat myself up but I am not going to let a trip become a fall. (poor grammar but you know what I mean!)

  • well done, just take it one day at a time, if i can stop anybody can and did eighteen years ago. i also had a rescue cat he took months to come to me, just leave it up to her she will come when she is ready. keep up the good work and be proud of your self.

  • Well done and keep it up just think of all the cat toys you will be able to buy with the money saved.

    Why would the man from the council stop you getting fresh air into your flat? If he is just a housing inspector he has no right to query your health requirements contact your local housing officer or social services before agreeing to anything.

    For your cat look at this it is better than Feliway and if you can stand the smell (not everyone can smell it) it may do you good as well. I have two cats who are totally dolally and this help terrifically


    Anyway back to the original blog NO MORE SMOKING BRILLIANT XXXXXX

  • All the best Jane. There's nothing I can add to the great advice already given.

    I stopped 6 months ago. I would tell myself in Times of need "would a cig make the situation better? NO. Would cig make me feel better NO."

    My husband has just come home from the chemist with my meds....... They were in a carrier bag........ All for me!

    Big hugs Gina x

  • Just one last thought folks - read the other day that there are now very nearly MORE ALCHOHOLICS in the country THAN SMOKERS , as so many are giving up for one reasen or another - COST / HEALTH etrc, what I am curious is, where NEXT WILL THIS GOVERNMENT COLLECT THE COLOSSAL TAX it is losing by the huge loss of ciggy sales ? - a Manager of a very well known Supermarket admitted to me recently that " Cigarette Sales are hugely down over the last couple of years, and that we too are looking for other products to make up the shortfall in profits " -

  • SMOKERS dontJust damage their own health but everyone they come in to contact would because of the toxinon there clothes

  • good for you You no you are bigger then that little stick. everyone around you will be a lot healther ,because of your big decision SO feel very proud of yourself.

  • That is brilliant news. Iam so happy for you. I am trying to quit and I was doing okay, but I am having the odd lapse here and there, maybe go 24-36 hours without and then lapse and have a few puffs. But then I feel guilty afterwards. But I came here for support and I got it, and one members said I was welcome whehter I quit or not. I am trying so hard and I feel guilty and I feel like a failure. But my smoking/breathing nurse said it will take time and in the ned I will stop. she says I have the nouse to quit and the wanting to quit and she said that is a good thing, so it spares me on. But I have said that me joining the community spared me on, and whilst I feel like a failure for them odds puffs every couple of days I prefer to be honest. I could so easily say 'done it, not had a fag in days' but I would be lying and that is not how I want to be. So well done to you and keep up the good work and I will keep striving to go longer and longer each time xxxxx

  • I gave up 3 years ago, hard to believe now. But, the first few weeks I had the odd couple of puffs (I couldn't have thrown my cigs away like some people do, I needed to know they were still there!), but each time, the pleasure I thought I'd get from those puffs got less and less until I just didn't bother any more. Did use the nicotine lozenges tho, but as these aren't harmful, then any crutch is a plus. Libby x

  • Today has not been so bad and not really thought about smoking and I even emptied the ashtray hubby uses at night as I did not like the smell, we will see what the next day or so brings. I have never used the lozenge ones xxxxx

  • i am so pleased for you I gave up ten years ago, so please keep it up i did it on my own i felt so ill while i was still smoking, so keep up the good work , if i can give up anyone can so heres to you xxx

  • We all stumble, sometimes we fall but nobody here will beat up on anyone. I shall do my best, one day at a time and if I cannot do cold turkey then I will find another way. I want to do it in public as it helps me keep on the straight and narrow but today is my first day and I have a rageing headache and yes I have had a puff( or two) of my friends ciggie when she visited tonight. So now I cannot count today so tomorrow will be day one. A diary has been suggested and now I think thats a good idea. You, Polly and I are on the same journey, its not a race and we are not alone. Polly is doing well and so are you and I am going to try again to catch up. Good luck to us all!!

  • Ha ha ha, if I could run up and down the stairs, I'd still be smoking!

  • Well, that was heart felt! Thank you. I see the mention of Thalidomide again, it pops up time after time and I am seeing my Dermatologist on wednesday so perhaps it's time I raised this with her. It seems it has value with all three of my problems and no negatives. So watch this space!


  • A friend who gives you a couple of puffs on her cigarette? Are you sure this is a friend? Many smokers who cannot/will not stop will seek to see you fail. Be strong love. xx

  • Good Luck, i stopped 3 years ago, thankfuly i found it easy.One day at a time!

  • Hello again, Libby I had to laugh at the running upstairs! I haven't been able to climb stairs or run anywhere for years, and as you can imagine the kit's get away from me quite easily when they have been up to no good. Anyway, theres no such thing as a trained cat! Thanks ttk, I hope it will get easier as at the moment the stress is having a very bad effect on the psoriasis. baby steps, baby steps.

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