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Sleep walking again

Just as ribs were mending slept walked last night fell on bedside table, really hurt my collar bone, there is a hard lump at the throat end of my collar bone and the big muscle that goes from the bone up my neck hurts when I move my head and I can't raise or use my right arm.

We have found the bed guard we used for grandchildren, Dennis has fixed that on to try and keep me in, other than that he will have to tie me to the bed - no wrong ideas please !

Lib x

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I have walked in my sleep in the past. At the time I was under a lot of stress with grandchildren staying for a month. My daughter tells me that she caught me turning out the linen cupboard. Have you told your doctor? I knew that I felt exhausted the following morning. Love Annie80


Hi Libby do you think you should have an xray ?

At least go to docs.



I have only ever slept walked twice and it was very scary waking up somewhere other than your bed, I once woke up because I'd twirled round in my curtains that many times I was stuck.. It's funny now but was tat the time. Hope you stay safe and get checked out soon xx


Yes do get it checked out,better safe than sorry! Hope its not to sore xx


Oh Lib, you poor thing. I can't imagine having all this pain you're going through. Please get yourself checked out. I used to sleep walk when I was young and get up to all sorts of things, including getting my baby brother out of his cot when I was 3, putting him on the floor and climbing in myself - jealous or what? Now I just talk rubbish, and not just when I'm asleep! All the best to you Lib. Libby x


I've never had it but it must be awful. Years ago my brother used to do it and would wake up from sleeping in the bath!

I agree with others though, best to get it checked out.

Lynne xx


My Grandads, uncle, brother and myself have all slept walked. My uncle got in his car and went to drive.

The worst that happened to me was I was a way for a weekend at a B&B when I woke up trying to get into another couples room! Turned out my grandad had done something very similar years previously on a bus trip - he succeeded in getting in the room!!!

That said in the summer I fell in the bedroom while sleep walking. I was a real mess but if I'd been sober I think it would have been even worse! ;-)

I think my little niece also sleepwalks too.


Oh dear Lib. I slept walked once when I was a teenager. Its a very weird thing isn't it? Don't let hubby tie you too tight :)

Bev x


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