Plug your ears - I am now going to SCREAM!!

I may have an hernia not through coughing but through bloody sneezing. I cannot believe it I was going to be so positive this year and I was not going to let things get to me hence my humorous posts. Anyway I have to miss the hairdresser tomorrow to go the hospital, mind you they are both as irritating LOL. I have never had an hernia but whatever it is it is damn painful and just under my rib I always though you got them in the groin but apparently not hey even at 66 I can still learn. Will let you know tomorrow how I go (if you are interested) it will make a change anyway.


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  • Oh Dear ,Oh Dear,Oh Dear you're positively not having the best of luck.

    I feel sorry for you all this at 66??????


  • well that is what my birth certificate says but my brain is not convinced

  • Hi jandan poor you. Know what you mean about the age thing as I'm much older than you are -just very newly turned 67 and can honestly say that since the diagnosis of this copd thing I get up everyday wondering if I'll have a new ailment which I then blow out of all proportion. To think up to five years ago I would have contempt for anything resembling hypricondia (?) in others so serves me right in a way. Definitely more understanding now though. A hernia Ive heard is no small ailment however and very painful. Let us know how you get on and couldn't agree more either about irritating hairdressers. I am laboriously trying to wash and dry my own hair as much as possible to keep away from them (ha ha)-I was going to be positive this year too

  • 70 and my brain isn't either :-)

  • Good luck x x

  • Oh dear Jandan not the best start to the new year for you. Hope it all goes ok.

    Bev x

  • Good luck Jandan,if it is a hernia,they are very easily fixed today,so dont worry to much.My neighbour had hers operated on, and was home the same day,and she is 77! Love Wendells xx

  • Poor you Jandan. I've never had a hernia but understand they can be painful. I hope it goes well for you.

    Lynne xx

  • Hi Jordon

    I have a hernia just under the rib cage, pops up if you stretch, but the consultant says' just leave it alone, It will not come to any harm', But I like you I had a horrid pain in that area, the GP says it is muscle damage through sneezing or coughing, having lived with it for a week he suggested ibropufen and codeine and an antibiotic to stop the cause of the cough, This morning no pain and breathing is back to normal (for me)

    Good luck and I hope yours can be cured so easily

  • Good luck to you and would love to know how you get on at the hospital. xxxx

  • Best of luck jandan. i went to Doctors many years ago thought I had a hernia same place as yours, if i bent down or got up in a certain position it popped out and hurt, had to lie down for it to go back, turned out it was a muscle in my diapham all caused from an op to drain an abcess from my lungs, learnt to live with it.

    Lib x

  • Scream away jandan, we all need to do it at some point. xx

  • bad luck Jandan, what a start to your retirement and new year. scream if you need we all get days when we feel the need. most hernias are left alone these days unless they are causing bad pain or other symptoms,but usually have to be confirmed as an hernia by the hospital,so best of luck tomorrow.

  • I have a Hiatus hernia and on a pain scale of 1-10 it is an 11 if not more. Because mine is the stomach popping up into the gullet it lies on the heart nerve apparently and actually mimicks a heart attack, the only way I know it is not a heart attack is that the hernia pain last too long, if it was a heart attack I would be long gone having pain that long. I wish you luck and hope it can be treated. Mine cannot be treated, not a suitable candidate for the operation xxxxx

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