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The joke is on me !!

First of all Happy New Year to all :)

I have a SAD lamp, I take vitamin D, I am on permanent antibiotics, I have hand sterilsers all over the house, I do not go out (phobias lol) and.............................

I have a stinking cold last night I started to sneeze and I have hardly stopped since and where did I get this lovely new year gift from? Why where else but the district nurse!! But at least so far it hasn't gone on to my chest and I am keeping my fingers crossed it doesn't.

Anyway that is my problem for today and a great way to start the new year but heyho a lot worse can happen at sea and you have to keep positive well I do otherwise I would drown LOL

Have a good day peeps xxx


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Like me jandan it sounds like "if it wasn't for bad luck you'd have no luck at all" - so you stay in and infection comes in from the district nurse -lol ! A very very Happy New Year to you starting now xxx


Hope you feel better soon Janet. xx


You made me smile with that, but it's horrid for you. I really hope it doesn't get worse.

Lynne xx


I see a GSOH lurking around through all your troubles. Love Annie80


Is that the TITANIC I see or is it the SUN rising???????????


I am sorry you are full of cold and I hope it clears up soon. My daughter is full of cold through being on Macrobantin and the side effects say more risk of getting a cold. So now she is doing a Michael Jackson impersonation(tissue over the mouth and nose all day long)as she is worried she will pass her cold onto me. I hoe not, not long got over one. But I wish you well and love your sense of humour xxxxx


I am pleased I have amused you I try or as my family say I am very trying!

Over the last six years my husband, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, mum and dad have all died and I got diagnosed with COPD and Brochio -whatsit. Although I do get down in dumps hence taking the citalopram (reducing slowly) I have found that to find humour in my circumstances has helped me more than walking around going Woe is Me!! I sometimes go too far though and I have been know to upset people so if I ever do that on here (again) please let me know and I will say sorry (but not necessarily mean it)

I will try to keep my humour going and once again thanks for letting me join the party


Janet :)


Ahh jandan so sorry to hear your woes! Hope you escape the dreaded sore chest, and it's much more worrying with the COPD I see you are reducing the citalopram. Before I was diagnosed with COPD, I tried to come off it, albeit slowly cutting down, my family were so fed up with me doing it as I would then get fed up again, so they made my doctor swear never to cut the dose again! There is no gain to be made really so don't over worry and stay happy!! Regards ate


Hi Jan,I think you do amazingly well, for someone who has experienced so much sadness,in the past year.

Do look after yourself,and hope you feel better soon,hugs,Wendells xxx


Sorry meant years! xx


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