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New Year

First time ever Dennis and I are staying in for New Year, tomorrow we are going to our friends plus another couple of our oldest friends, going to the pub for a bar meal (I may not do that),

depends how I feel, the pub will be busy. We always go to the church to look at the Christmas tree because we always supply it from our little Christmas tree wood, might manage that.

Expect I shall be in bed before midnight tonight.

Lib x

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Oh Libby you have a wood, how lovely. I shall be staying in tonight with my cat Boycee and a glass or three of wine. I just can't face pubs and late nights now but am having family over for lunch tomorrow. Have a good one. xx :)


Not keen on going out on a cold wet evening, contrary to what I used to like when I was much younger. So, like gillyj I will stay in with wine and cheese!! Happy New Year all! love Annie80


Have a great time, wish I was going out too, I haven't been to a new New Years do for 50 years, i.e. since I married grumpy, (I used to go to the Mecca Locarno), he doesn't like going out for meals or anything else for that matter, so what grumpy wants, grumpy gets.

Happy New Year.xxxxx


whats grumpys first name sweething?


Whatever you all do, or don't do, have a peaceful new year and I wish you all the best for 2013 xx


I was in bed by 6pm ,managed to be awake to see the New Year in on TV.What an awesome display and aend to the Queens Jubilee year


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