I bought myself an oximeter on Amazon got it 2 days ago. My SATS at the docs have always been 97 98. but yesterday i checked it on a walk and it went down to 86. OK I was exerting myself but last night I checked it while I was watching TV and it was 88. Do you think this meter is unreliable or should I be concerned. I was diagnosed with Bronchiectasis about 18 months ago and had 2 stents but in my heart about the same time. I also was told that I had some fibrosis. I dont know what to think Help please


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  • take it with you to the doctors next time and check it against theirs.

  • A good suggestion linsabout :)

  • I did the same. Checked it with the one at the doctors and one in the hospital.

  • We bought ours from Amazon last year and we took ours to the hospital and checked it against theirs and it was spot on. The only time it went funny was when it needed a new battery. My husbands sats always drop when he has walked upstairs, but because he is on oxygen, they recover more quickly than if he wasn't.

  • i brought a oximetor about 6wks ago, like you i have Bronchiectasis and sometimes my level went down 82, im seeing the specialist on the 24th jan, that will be interesting, when my levels are as low as that, ifelt my lungs were on the floor

    love jan xx

  • My next appointment is not till March so I will be interested to hear how you get on.

    maxer xxxx

  • will do maxer

  • I bought one from Amazon too. I found mine was at a fairly standard 92 -96, while sedentary, depending on how well I was breathing. Sometimes I get into the habit when doing nothing of shallow breathing. That makes it fall. As does getting emotionally involved in a TV show.

    Playing video games can cause havoc with the readings :)

    I often drop to 80-84 when out exercising, but in all cases I recover quite quickly. That is the most important point, if you recover quickly after doing your breathing exercises. If it stays low, then you need to see your GP.

  • Thanks for that, it makes sense

  • :) I was reassured when the respiratory nurse told me all is fine as long as you recover quickly.

    I also found things went better for me when I learnt how to breath properly. Isn't it odd that at my 68 years I need to be taught how to breath :)


  • I thought the same thing when a physio taught me how to breathe particularly on exercising or exertion although by this time it was two years after diagnosis!! I was in my middle 60's at the time.

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