Coming here has given the boost I need...thankyou

A bit about me. I was 11 years old when I started smoking but at the time it was a release from the bad things that were going on in my childhood, things that are still haunting me to this very day, the eve of my 48th birthday. So I have just been chatting to my hubby & daughter who are both very supportive and really want me to give up smoking. My hubby smokes and I hope in time he too will think about giving up, but it is not something I will force him to do. And his smoking has in no way encouraged me to smoke. When I gave up with the shock of being diagnosed his smoking did not bother me in the slightest and he smoked at the back door or in a room I do not go into. I know having gone through a horrific childhood is no excuse as I am not the only one, but it is not helping and this time of year was worse for me as a child. I have recently gained access to ten weeks counselling as I am a carer for my daughter, so I am hoping this ten week course will help me in some way to deal with my past and help in my progress to being smoke free by the end of those ten weeks. But I have been chatting to my hubby and he will support me as much as he can. I have two cigarettes left in my packet and at present after coming to this site, not been tempted to have one and I have put it to the back of my mind and put them in the cupboard out of sight. So he knows that if those two cigarettes are still there in the morning when he wakes me, then he will snap them up and throw them away for me if I feel I cannot do it. I know this sounds very silly but after 37 years of smoking with the odd 10 week break here and there, I really do want to give up and deep down those supoorting me know that to be true. So now you know I am going to give it another go and I am truly grateful for the support so far. I have to be here to care for my daughter so that inspires me to do it. Well enough of that and I can only thank you all in advance for any advice and help offered. Your support along the way will be truly valued xxxxx


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  • You will succeed because you are Ozzygirl and reading between the lines this is something that you yourself wants to acheive.Unfortunately memories always seem to rear theirselves at various unexpected times but the pain does reduce with time.I have personally found that my own bad memories have all but disappeared since I gave up smoking17 years ago.I am a fitter,healthier (than I was) and very much more confident within myself.Never put yourself down for past happenings and look to the future with the inner confidence that you have.


  • Thankyou Richard. All I can say is that I really do want to stop smoking. At my last visit with my nurse at breathing clinic I was so angry with myself as I said to her that I do not even want to smoke. Thankyou for the support and you and others on here are proof it can be done xxxxx

  • You can do it and take every bit of help you can.

    I had tried to quit many times without success. Finally, I did it with Champix, available through your GP. It really worked for me.

    I don't know if you actually do live in Australia, but you can get it there, my niece in QLD has given up on it too.

    I'm sorry if I sounded harsh before, but if you have mild COPD, this is a fantastic opportunity for you before it gets worse. I know you have had problems in your life, but so do a lot of people and only you can change and improve your life. Nobody else.

    There are people on this site with really bad COPD (not me) and I bet they wish they could turn the clock back to where you are.

    This is actually a real opportunity for you do do something before it gets a serious grip on you.

    I hope you take this in the way its meant, you have a huge future ahead of you, please make the best of it.

    Lynne xx

  • Thanks Lynne. I do take it in the way it is meant and I appreciate people being straight, it makes it easier to say okay, now is the time. My COPD was mild/moderate back in 2011, and my nurse says I have made it worse by checking my breathing(back then 70%) and I tell her I do not want to know just yet if it is worse, by that I mean I do not want to know how much the lung function has dropped. If I want to know I will ask her, I may ask her after I stop smoking as then it will act as a deterrent. I have had Champix twice now and sometimes I feel as though I am a lost cause. And other times I tell myself I can be strong and I can do it. I am in the UK. Right now I want to enjoy my birthday(tomorrow) and let everyone fusss over me lol. It only happens one day a year where I do absolutely nothing. So thankyou, your straight talking and support really does help xxxxx

  • Ask your husband to smoke outdoors, about 4 metres away from the house. Smoke does not stop at doors/thresholds and you will be inhaling his secondhand smoke if he continues to smoke at the back door or in the house. It will cling to his clothing so ask that he not sit next to you for a few minutes after smoking or again you will be inhaling it. Explain to him that every breath of cigarette smoke will make your lungs worse.

    Then stop smoking.

    Others on here have done it or are trying to do it and there will be a lot of support. It sounds as though the time is right for you and I wish you all the luck in the world. xx

  • Well said xx

  • Thankyou so much Auntymary. My hubby is supportive so he will do whatever is suggested if it helps me to stop. My nurse says I have to want to stop and I do xxxxx

  • try and keep it can do it i did.and you sound strong..all the best and you will be better of all ways..

  • You are all so supportive. I just want to come on here tomorrow night and be able to say that I have not smoked all day, that would be a good start xxxxxx

  • I really wish you all the best and please let us know how it is going. None of it is easy, but once you have done all you can within your control, you will feel better about it all and you will be in the driving seat.

    Your nurse is right, you have to want to stop smoking. I think you do.

    Have lovely birthday and then get onto it :D

    Lynne xx

  • Well I want to see my future grandkids and I think that is another good way to look at things too. I will enjoy my day tomorrow and hopefully I will pop on and say how I did with the dreaded fags, well I hope xxxxx

  • Hi Lin

    Its good that you want to stop smoking.... :) . I stopped smoking 2 years ago after many attempts. However in my case I had been stopped 2 months before I was diagnosed with COPD so for me that was an excellent incentive to stay off the evil weed. For some years before my partner & I did not smoke in the house. However my partner continued to smoke until 3 months ago. I won't lie and say it wasn't tough with her still smoking and me smoke free but things are great now and we are both glad we kicked the habit. whilst the damage has been done being smoke free makes you feel 100% better. I really do wish you all the luck in the world and as you will have seen there is plenty of support here.

    Good Luck

    Gary x

  • Well I am going to be totally honest and say I did have a cigarette at 5am this morning, but so far not feeling the need right now. Thanks for the support, but if I can get past ten weeks(I started again after ten weeks without0 then I think I will be fine xxxxx

  • And it is your birthday tomorrow - make it a rebirth into a smoke free world. Imagine a cloud of evil-smelling, toxic fog behind you (the fag smoke) and in front of you is clean, fresh, sweet, pure air. Which way are you going? Forward into health or backward into hell?

  • Well at 5am I went the bad way, but have not touched another as yet, so 13 hours and counting. Thanks hun fore the support xxxxxx

  • hi ozzygirl i like you am mild copd was diagnosed in 2006 gave up smoking 2weeks after using inhalears and gun gave up one sigy at a time am still not smoking and since then have got better and better infact my peak flow has gone from 290 then to 515 now so yes its time to stop it dead in its tracks and with PR you will get stronger. have a great birthday and enjoy being smoke free

  • 5am was the last time I had one so I am counting the hours and hoping they turn into days xxxxx Thankyou

  • Hello you can do it. I smoked for 38 years and was taken into hospital New Years eve last year because I couldn't breathe I havn't smoked since, and anyone who knows me would have said I was the last person who could quit. So don't give up you'll get there in the end. xxx

  • I thought I was going to end up in hospital Xmas eve but I never, I would never have forgivenmyself if I had ruined Xmas through stupidity. 13 hours and counting xxxxxx Thankyou

  • you can do it ,i too have smoked from an early age,stopped, started again, at times of stress,but i have managed to stop for 20 wks now,with the gum,but new year will be the test,when i stop the gum,right now i never want too smoke again,and every day is a bonus without a ciggerette,good luck and have a lovely time to-morrow :)

  • Well I can only hope the hours turn into days, longest I have ever gone without is ten weeks, I need to get past that mark and I should be okay, well done xxxxx Thankyou

  • Hiya ozzygirl, I am very sorry to hear about the difficulties you are having with the fags, the two you have in the packet need to be broken up and flushed down the toilet NOW. I carried on smoking even when I didn't have enough breath to bend down and tie my shoe laces.My doctors at the time just told me that they could do nothing for me UNTIL I gave up smoking. I looked like a skeleton, It got to the point where I didn't stop smoking, my body did, it just couldn't take the poisoning anymore. I can't now remember making a last conscious effort to stop my body did it on its own. .A year after the fags stopped, I had what they call a respiratory arrest, this means that I stopped breathing, luckily for me I was in the back of an ambulance at the time. Thanks to the paramedics and the medical staff at Walsgrave hospital they saved my life, I was in the critical care unit for 4 days completely out of it thankfully.I am sorry if this is scary but you need to be aware that these things do happen, I hope and pray you don't get as bad as me, I hope you have a very happy birthday and make your birthday the day you became an ex smoker for good.

  • Take it from me not being able to breahte in the early hours of Xmas morning gave me a scare hence my desparation to stop. I admit I had one at 5am, but nothing since, so thankyou for the support xxxxx

  • Hi ozzygirl good on you for trying to stop smoking. Make a decision that you are not going to smoke that day. Its very tough but you have lots of good reasons to give up, not least your daughter.

    You can get help with it via the Doctor or a smoking clinic. A lot more people succeed with help than without.

    Let us know how it all goes.

    Bev xx

  • Already attending smoking clinic and they are good and also understand why I am finding it so hard. But nothing since 5am this morning, so pleased with that xxxxx Thankyou

  • Happy Birthday Ozzygirl!!! I became a Granma at 47 yrs of age when my Grandaughter was born almost 11 yrs ago now, and I also have 3 Grandsons, 3 Great-nephews,3 Great neices and if I had not stopped smoking age 49 I would never have known the joy they have brought me! I have a genetic type of Emphysema and smoking from the age of 16 was a big nono!! but I didn't know, I loved smoking! you name it I smoked it and viewed the big bad world through rose tinted specs most of my life!

    When you get the word that you're not immortal its a wake up call for most of us,you live each day the best you can and make the most of it!

    I hope your Husband gives up soon as well, have you seen the new anti-smoking advert with a tumour growing out of a ciggy? yuck,yuck and double yuck!! on that note I wish you good luck with giving up! and a wonderful Happy Birthday! love Carol x :) x

  • Yes I have seen that and it knocked me sick. 1st time I watched it through, 2nd time I had to turn it off. Anyway nothing since 5am this morning, I know 13 hours is not long but it is a start. Thankyou for the birthday wishes hun xxxxx

  • You are strong enough to do this, and what a terrific birthday present to give yourself - no more nasty, nasty fags. Take it one day at a time. One of the best tips I got from Aunty Mary was when you want to smoke, clean your teeth!!!! I have now reached 3 months and did it with nicotine lozenges. The beauty of not smoking now is I feel alive again and in control and far less anxious. Do stick with it and us we are here to help you. Enjoy your birthday love Lizzie xxx

  • Thankyou for the birthday wishes. After joining this community I want to always be honest with the members and I had a fag at 5am this morning, but nothing since, 13 hours and 9 minutes, so a good start if I can keep it up xxxxx

  • Hi Ozzygirl. I wonder if you have tried any of these techniques to help free you of the past? The ones that have worked well for me are: writing about the incident(s)/person that caused the pain, folding the paper up and setting fire to it (in a safe place), gathering the ashes and burying them; visualise the person/events and put them in a box, then imagine putting that box inside another box, etc and when you are happy with the number of boxes (which could have locks and chains), then put them in a room and lock the door, then walk down the corridor and lock that door, etc - you can just keep going and going!

    The advantage of these is that they are free and in the case of the second one, you can do anywhere and as many times as you need to. They were taught to me some years ago by a friend and have helped me get over memories of abuse as a child and other traumatic events. Whilst I still know that these events happened I feel that I have control over them now and they don't intrude on my day to day life. You could also use them to help you quit smoking, by visualising the craving and then going through the same steps. I really hope they work for you.

    Beth xx

  • I have tried a few things over the years and nothing has worked so my hope is that the counselling will work when it begins. But I am grateful for any ideas and most grateful for all the support. Not had a smoke since 5am, so a fair start for me. Thankyou xxxxx

  • Good luck Ozzy girl, I'm sure you can do it. It sounds as though you realy want to stop and thats half the battle.I was told a long time ago, just DONT put it in your mouth.That worked for me funnily enough.

    Anyway I wish you all the best with it, and if, NO when you succeed,that will be the best Birthday Present you could give yourself.

    Keep in touch with us,and welcome to the site,

    Wendells xxx

  • Thankyou so much. Nowt since 5am and the fact hubby and daughter praised me really helped. it makes all the difference. It was hard as I do not sleep very much so the fags are normally always to hand. But so far so good xxxxx

  • Good luck Ozzygirl, you can do it. I am married to an ex-smoker and am his carer so I have witnessed how hard it can be but Pete has not smoked for 21 years now. Unfortunately, our son lives with us and he smokes but not indoors ever. I want him to give up too before things go wrong for him. He is 30 and thinks he is invincible but he's not. Stay positive and take one day at a time. Good luck with the counselling and look after yourself too. Take care. sassy59 xx

  • Thankyou Sassy, last cig at 5am this morning, tobacco products around the house but not really bothered by it right now. I think in the younger years we all think 'nah, it won't happen to me' and thenit does and we are shocked, but we know the consequences from day one. Got some cough sweets here so I turn to them while I have got a bad cough. I know hubby lit up before and I near choked to death. xxxxx

  • Hi Ozzygirl,

    it can be done. I am 81 and smoked full time from my teens(though had some around 10 yrs old)

    Stopped 2 years ago (november 2011) by going outside and stopping inhaling The horrible taste left in my mouth put me off every time I had another surreptitious puff. Don't have a craving but there is still the occasional desire of wanting to puff on a cancer tube!! As they used to say "Go suck a Zube" ! So I suck a cough sweet

    I had tried many times before ,patches ,gum and nearly got addicted to the nicotine boost!

    Hope this helps

    Myma xx

  • I have a couple of bags of Jakemans cough sweets here, they are quite strong and helping with the cough. I could not use patches they just would not stick to my skin, nurse tried everything. I cannot chew gum, TN gets triggered if I do too much chewing. But I am going to pick up some more Niquitin minis when I go back in the New Year. Thankyou for you support, all of you xxxxx

  • Happy Birthday Ozzygirl :)

    You can stop smoking!! We will all support you along the way. There are many methods I stopped about 4 years ago without any help (I smoked 30/40 a day) except for the fact I had just visited my mother in the geriatric ward and there was this tiny lady sat in a chair with oxygen and gosh she did look awful and one of the nurses said she didn't have visitors anymore because her family were fed up of her not giving up smoking and that it was her own fault she was in there (nice family). My sister looked at me and said with a complete straight face THAT WILL BE YOU ONE DAY!!! Believe it or not that stopped me a little late but better late than never, I have now helped a few of my young friends to stop by giving them a photo of me and telling them if they don't want to end up like me they will stop!! So try the visualisation technique as well as any other method that may work but please persevere



  • Nothing since 5am so it is a start. Now I am worried about lapsing again too soon, at all, ever. But I find if I am occupied it is not so bad. Thankyou xxxxx

  • Healthy Birthday Ozzygirl.

    I dont say happy cos if your healthy you WILL be Happy.and with health and happiness prosperity will follow.I was a smoker from about 16 , couldnt give it up. Went for acupunture and he said to me when you leave this room you will have no desire,for a cigarette WRONG coudnt get out fast enough for a ciggie. Went to a Hypnotist laid on the bed whilst he droned on and on after 19 ins sat up and told him he was wasting my smoking time.But I was friendly with a Doctor who was having the same problem to give it up, and he had a serious illness an d recovered and never smoked againand the same thing happened to me, discovered a tumour on my left lung, promply removed it, now cancer FREE but I dont smoke.We all find it difficult Ozzygirl but you stik with at it "cariad" you will get betterer and betterer every minute.

  • Well it is 13 hours and 21 minutes since I last had one at 5am this morning. I was feeling a bit low but I know that is no excuse. Counting the minutes and hours and parying they turn into day wekks and months, and then years. Baby steps eh xxxxxx

  • how u doing chick.

  • Had one at 5am this morning after a horrific nightmare, just ran downstairs and grabbed a fag. But nothing since so now 13 hours and 23 minutes and counting xxxxxx Thankyou

  • Nightmare freaked me out and left me feeling low xxxxxx

  • Nothing since 5am, counting the minutes. Birthday would have been better lol if I had stuffed my face with chocolate xxxxxx

  • Well I think I may just go and have a mince pie now. I can see me putting weight back on at this rate, it took me two years to lose 7 stone, I have no wish to put it back on xxxxx

  • Sorry if I had NOT stuffed my face with chocolate

  • It stands to reason really I know fags are bad for me and I know chocolate does not agree with me, but surely I cannot be expected to give up both lol, so the fags lose xxxxx

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