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Would love to share my experiences of living with copd.

Listening to all your advice and help for each other is such a tonic, its nice to know that other people are in the same situation as yourself be it copd or other problems to do with the illness.

My name is Teigy1 and I am 61, have had copd for 5-6 years, I am luckier than some of you as I can still do most things but do get breathless, some days my breathing is worse than others. I find it worse when the weather is damp and windy. I do try and get plenty of exercise though, my dog gets me out for walks and I look after my 18 month old granddaughter 5 days a week, believe me that is plenty of exercise, I hope to join a pulmonary rehab group in the new year as they sound very helpful, plus to meet people with the same condtion, I too don't think people who don't suffer understand our difficulties.

Happy New Year to you all.


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Hi Teigy, Welcome, very happy you've come to join us. As you say there is a lot of good advice on site and definately a lot of support. Happy new year to you to. Talk again soon. Marilyn x

Hi Teigy1,welcome, lovely you can do some things still especially with your grandchild. to spite being diagnosed four years ago I am just being referred to my first pulmonary rehab so I wish you good luck with yours in the new year.

hello teigy, warm welcome to you.


Hi Teigy. Glad you have joined us. :)

Hello Teigy1,

I have COPD (mild) Bronchiectasis (severe) and Asthma(mild), like you I prefer talking to others who have a similar condition/s as they do have a better understanding of how we feel. My GP is fantastic and willing to listen as are the practice nurses, so I have no complaint there. I started my PR course just before Christmas and it is a real eyeopener. The help and advice from the team is amazing, so please push your GP or consultant to refer you as it will be just what you're looking for. Just a word of warning though not everyone finds it useful as I've been told, although all I've met on my course are enjoying it. Best of luck and carry on the walking and keeping fit.

Happy 2013



Thanks to you all for your welcome and support. Will speak again soon.

Love Teigy1

Welcome aboard .I hope you enjoy your PR. Try and join your local Breathe Easy group for friendship from understanding people with similar conditions.Details from BLF

Thank you kingofthecocktails, I shall look into that, also thanks for the welcome, hope you are keeping well.


Hello and welcome.

I'm doing rehab at the moment, only done three so far but its nice to meet and chat with people that know how you feel, they really put you through it with the exercises but I know it will be worth it.

Kim xxxxx

Thanks for the welcome and advice about rehab Kim, I will get organised with that in the new year and hope I will benefit as you do.

Happy new year to you


Hi Teigy1. Welcome and glad you have joined us. I have asthma and borderline COPD but still get sob. I also take my sisters dog out everyday - lab/collie cross so she takes a lot of wearing out. Excercise very good even if it does make you sob. Its a nasty feeling though.

I hope to be meeting a friend tomorrow (if its dry) for a 'marathon' walk down to the beach a long way away, across to a 2nd beach then up steps and hills etc. Phew. The thought of it is already tiring me out.

Bev x

Hi Bev, gosh you are very brave to take on such a task, hope it stays dry for you,good luck and I hope you don't get too breathless, let us know how you get on. Its dry here at the moment so I may try a longer walk with my doggie later, enjoy some fresh air instead of being cooped up with central heating.

Have a good day


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