Happy New Year and watch out for the viruses

Wishing everyone here a happy healthy 2013, with positive thoughts and dry days!

I spent a lovely Christmas with brother and family and my student son, then, hurray, we all came down with the Norovirus. Now over the worst and back home, very bored, as I have put myself into quaranteen and have not visited anyone. Just the dogs for company.

Its a vile virus, my advise, get and use the alcohol based hand santisers whenever you are out and about. Ive been lucky as my COPD is not too bad, I cannot imagine how someone with severe COPD would manage with this virus. Take care of yourselves


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  • > ...use the alcohol based hand santisers...

    I did hospital radio, so was in and out of the main building a lot. Heard one woman who was complaining about the sanitising gel to a volunteer on reception desk, said it tasted horrible and what good did that do against the virus if she only took it on the days she visited... :D

    Volunteers were advised it was quite safe for them to come in, even though our little studio was in a basement corridor where little electric truckloads of dirty laundry trundled past, more often than at times where there was no outbreak. Personally, I stopped going in until they gave the all clear - didn't fancy getting it myself, despite the assurances.

  • Nurses use the hand sanitisers but many of them also avoid touching things others touch. Watch and you will notice them pushing lift buttons with a pen, turning on lights with their elbow, etc. I reckon what is good for the goose.....................oh! the goose just got eaten!

  • I noticed some strange signs at the hospital too, announcing that the toilet door handles had been treated with a long lasting sanitiser. I can't recall if it was a spray device in the door or that they had used some sort of wipe, but there was a second note to say it was out of order... :( I didn't notice any geese though...? ;)

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